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So I was reading through my comments on my v-nails post, and one anonymous commenter said this about them:

I'd call it the butt crack! It's hideous! O.O
So I was like, "Challenge!"

Now take a look:


It was a pretty poor attempt, I may have to repeat it.
Base: Barry M Nail Paint in "Raspberry"
Bum: Nails Inc "Caramel"
Various acrylic paints for the um, shading.


  1. *high five*
    Yeahhhh booty buttcheeks!
    You did a really good job with the shading too. ^___^

  2. *returns high five*

    Thanks ChaosButterfly! :P I thought it was rather poor actually :P I'll try with a smaller brush and a steadier hand.

  3. Hah! You sassy girl, they look like someone sat on a photocopying machine and hit Scan! What would you say if someone asked you, "Oh my god, cool nails! What is the design?" Would you ignore them and turn the other. . .cheek?

  4. Have to say I've never looked that closely...Whatever. I really love this mani. Good thing anonymous didn't tell you it was a cock up or balls....

  5. HAHAHA! Great way to handle anonymous meanie commenter & give the rest of us a good laugh. Great job as usual!!

  6. Nice pun, Starving Nail Addict! Lol, I always found that photocopier trick amusing. Never had the er, 'cheek' to try it myself!

    Lol, I think that is pretty fortunate, Jaljen!

    Thank you April! Means a lot :P

    *returns hi five* Thanks Bluewinx15!

  7. Sooo funny! By the way, I am your new follower!


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