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Posted by on Friday, April 01, 2011

My vaguely metal inspired attempt at layering stamps manicure, for your viewing horror pleasure:
I do think it looked more passable in real life. Macro exposes the hideous uneveness of the white "cog" stamps. They're jumping around all over my nails!

The title has a little double meaning, actually. Why didn't any of you nice, grown up bloggers tell me that GCSEs were so heniously coursework filled? It's so haaaard. *selfish whine*
Any fellow Year Eleven students out there care to comiserate?


 I'm also saddened to hear that some of my favourite bloggers are having troubles, as well. I've posted before about The Gloss Goss and also Scandalously Polished is going on hiatus, which is a big shame. I can totally understand why Ange is doing it, I just feel bad that some people have pushed her to that. Which reminds me, I still haven't announced the winner of my Bella Sugar giveaway. I'll get on it, promise.

What's up with this world lately? Those two aren't the only ones, I'm thinking of more who have been recieving nasty commnents, abuse and the like and who have gone on hiatus because of it but they're less beauty and more alternative Japanese fashions so I thought there was no point mentioning them :/ I'm glad I have a lovely group of followers who comment on my mindless keymash. <3 Thanks guys!


  1. 1 I like the mani. A lot.
    2 In my day (gloat, gloat) there was no coursework at 'O' or 'A' level. Just exams. Actually even my degree was just exams! Great for me as I'm a last-minute bunny. Poor you...Seriously.
    3 Such a shame about getting hassle for a flamin' giveaway. That's disgusting.

  2. I think it looks great - even in macro!

  3. Thanks, jaljen.

    Jealoussss. At least exams are over and done with. Your teacher tells you about your coursework say, six months in advance, and you clean forget about it until the week it's due in...great.

    I know right. Some people...urgh.

    Thank you, ABOP! Means a lot :)

  4. I truly feel sorry for you, science GCSE was a complete pain in the arse! Are you doing chem / bio / physics or will it be a double GCSE? Either way coursework was very intese during year 11! Good luck!!! x

  5. I really like this! You did a great job picking the color combo too.

    I was sad that Scandalously Polished went on hiatus, but I don't think anyone really like...pushed her to it. It just sounds like she was getting overwhelmed with the stuff that a blog of that size comes with + health stuff + life stuff and the giveaway was the straw that broke her back.
    Anywho, the good news is that when she comes back, she'll be all rejuvenated...a little break never hurt a body. ^_^

  6. I'm doing Triple Science, Enigma, so it's chem/bio/physics. I'm not that great at Physics, lol :P
    Thanks! Think I'll need it :/

    Thank you, xnosugaraddedx!

    Thanks, ChaosButterfly!
    Yeah, I get what you mean. I don't think it was a one off, though (the asking about giveaways) and while it definately wasn't the entire reason that she quit, it probably contributed.
    And I agree. Hopefully she'll rediscover her zeal and love of polish!


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