WARNING: This is a Feet Post

Posted by on Friday, April 15, 2011

Yes, you heard me. A post. About feet. Feet haters, kindly look away now :P
So my feet have been increasingly neglected since...well. Last summer? Not a pretty sight.
Just to reiterate:
Yeah. Gross. Feel free to "ew". I "ew"ed. Multiple times.

Anyway, so I was sitting there doing French revision, and I thought, "Why not spice this up a bit? Have some fun while you're trying to remember how to conjugate verbs ending in 'er'" So I went to the bathroom and got myself a bucket, and basically did a makeshift pedicure. All sorts of nastiness went down (consider, this is after I've done D of E, as well. You can imagine) but yeah, I had a nice soak while I was doing my French. And the result?
BOOM. Ready for the summer. Or for Holy Thursday/Good Friday (wow, I'm a bad Catholic. Can't actually remember which day it is that the Priest washes the feet of selected parishoners.) foot washing. My Mum volunteered last year and she has lovely feet, and had her toes painted with a blue Nails Inc polish, I think. (Again: I can remember what polish my Mum had on, but not a vital part of Catholic doctrine? Niiice.)

I don't actually own any shoes which show off my toes, but we do go barefoot for Karate, so at least I'll be able to see them, newly preened and polished, once a week. Woo.

If you've made it to the end of this post, I'm guessing you don't mind/aren't icked out by the average foot. Know anyone that is? I know plenty, lol...

EDIT: If you made it this far, would you mind popping over here and helping me out? Thanks :)


  1. Winter is such a scary time for feet...you never see them, so they just go wild. :(

    But you did a good job with yours! They look so cute and nice.
    You should buy some open toed shoes and show them off. :D

  2. I voted. Your feet scrub up well. I actually like feet and considered leaving teaching (flaming obnoxious teenagers, ya know! ha! ;o)) to do podiatry. But it would be a huge fall in income and I got a job with some really lovely students so I'm not a podiatrist, after all......But I COULD be.

  3. Whoot, the first two photo's i was like: ew. but then, the photo with the red nails, like wauw! so much better than before!
    so brave you made a post about feet haha :D

  4. Lol, its Holy Thursday that the priests wash feet ;) Good Friday is when they lay prone in front of the cross during the processional :) Love the toenail polish

  5. Thank you, ChaosButterfly! I think myself and open toe shoes (well, any type of shoe that isn't a trainer or boots really) don't get on as such. I have an odd foot size and shape, so the pretty designs don't fit me and I'm not very into girly fashion anyway.

    Thanks for voting, Jaljen! I think you may have left a comment as well, but I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything :P
    Lol, teenagers are obnoxious! Probably would have been less stressful, podiatry. But it's good that you're happy teaching. Couldn't say the same for many of my teachers :P

    I know. It was pretty "ew" worthy, wasn't it, Avery! But thanks. You know me, always controversial ;)

    Wayy! Thanks, Scandalous. I still can't believe I forgot which it was :P

  6. You're an inspiration!

    I always used to hate my feet but when I saw this post, I thought to myself "why not do something about them and see what they look like after I take care of them?" So I washed, moisturised, cut, filed and polished my feet and toe nails and omg! I think I'm addicted! The first time I did it, it took me 3 hours!! I kept trying different colours lol! I love nail polish but can't use any on my finger nails coz they break easily but now, everyday for the past 3 days I've been really focussing on my feet and I can now wear sandals confidently! =D

    Thank you!!

  7. Your comment made my day :p Thank you for your kind words. Your feet sound lovely now, I bet everyone is jealous of your gorgeous feet. Keep showing them off!


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