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Posted by on Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pretty Pink are a brand that you can buy primarily at Argos. They seem to be aimed at young girls, but I quite like the fact that you can get loads of cheap eyeshadows/lipsticks/glosses in a set.
I own this set: (no affliate links on my blog)

and this set:

I reach for the former really often, and the latter not so much. Sorry, these don't seem to be named so I'll be referring to them as the "heart shaped case" and the "square case" in this post.

Just to be awkward, I'm going to start with the square case!
It has a nice selection of good sized eyeshadows (sixteen, to be precise) which are nicely pigmented but have a slightly more silky yet powdery texture compared to the ones in the heart palette (am I making any sense? Most likely not) and these have a tendency to blend away into a slightly pigmented white base colour if overblended which is not cool. These do kick up some large chunks off shadow during application and are a tad chalky, though still better than mattes from some other companies.
SAM_7889I personally prefer the darker colours when I'm creating looks. The lighter ones generally just look like white when I wear them.
SAM_7890The browns are quite close to my skin tone, which makes them hard to see, so I swatched them on a bit of paper for you guys.
SAM_7892This top tray folds out to reveal a second layer which includes blushes, a face powder, a lip and eye liner, lip colours, a mascara and some applicators. 
SAM_7894The blushes aren't bad, but I don't use them. They're just not colours I like, and the lack of portability with this palette means that I can't perform a midday touchup in the school loos when these inevitably wear off during the day. As you can see, the last two are a bit pants, swatch wise. Plus these are rather small in size, which make them hard to apply with the poxy brush included.
 The "face powder" is just a universally flattering, am I right light cream, slightly yellow toned colour. Companies don't care about diversity when it comes to impressionable young girls huh? Condition them young...anyway.

The mascara is worse than useless. It's just thickened gloop with black food colouring added that sits on your eyelashes and does. not. dry. It feels disgusting. Urgh. It's one of those things you have to try to believe, so go to your kitchen and liberally apply a mixture of oil and syrup to your eyelashes. You get the idea. But the eye and lip liners are actually pretty decent! Nothing bad to say about those.
SAM_7893The lip colours in this palette are meh, I prefer the ones in the heart one, but they're a cute cross between glosses and lipsticks and I like them. These ones aren't particularly pigmented - again, the ones in the heart palette are better. Applicators are the usual story. Whether high end or low end, companies just don't bother with creating useful brushes - the lip brush in this is weak.

SAM_7888Now, the heart palette. This is the one I got first, and the one I use the most!
SAM_7883The eyeshadows in this are much more to my taste, the colour range is more varied and interesting. As you can see, some of the shadows in here have got a lot of love from me!
SAM_7897Again, I don't use the blushes. Boring as hell. This came with a blush brush which is crap for blending but OK for packing the colour on. It's scratchy, though.
SAM_7899The pressed powder came with a puff which was rubbish so I binned it. I don't use the pressed powder either :P Same shade as last time.

I love love LOVE the lip colours. They are exactly what I need for a nude lip for school, a lot are very brown which I'm sure lighter skinned people probably won't like but I LOVE because it's a pain in the arse for me to find anything remotely nude. Anything. So yes, woot. Probably unintentional, but woot anyway.
SAM_7903The top of the heart flips open to reveal some sponge applicators, some cream eyeshadows (that's what they're labelled as on the website, four cream eyeshadows, but not many people aside from hardcore bright colour junkies like myself tend to have use for a bright red cream base - two, in fact) a shite mascara (BINNED) a "lip oil" (which is just a clear lip gloss) a sharpener and two nail polishes, the lilac of which you can view in my very first post. 
Ultimately, while there are some serious duds (the mascara, for one. God.) it's a pretty good value set, and the are more available (for example, there is one just choc full of eyeshadow). I think the range is worth a look. What do you guys think? Does this make you want to investigate Pretty Pink?

Also, check out my title! I got like a million "P's" in there...aren't I cool? :P


  1. It's kinda adorable isn't it, Bluewinx15? Thanks for your comment!

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