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It's like a wishlist, but better, because I will actually buy everything on this list (it's all budget, so not a problem). Hopefully before the end of the year. I've set myself a goal.

Only problem is, I have a severe lack of funds. Money, I will obtain you.

In the meantime....

NYC Top Coat (will be a repurchase, I'm running so low at the moment)
Barry M Nail Paint in:

That Chanel Paradoxal dupe
All the Ice Cream Paints, except Mint Green as I already have that
BeautyUK nail paint sets, all three of them
BeautyUK lipsticks
MUA lipsticks
MUA nail polishes
MUA eyeshadows
Sleek Concealer
Sleek Pout Polish in "Perfect Plum"
Sleek True Colour Lipsticks in "Blaze" and "Majestic"
American Apparel Nail Polish
Pure Acetone
Glitters for Frankening
Barry M Base and Top Coat
Barry M Nail Paint Lemon Ice Cream
Black and White Barry M Crackle Effects
Acessorize Nail Polish
False Eyelash glue

EDIT: 300th post and nearly at 300 followers! Thank you all so, so much!


  1. Dare one ask what the budget set-aside is for these goodies? I don't budget/account for my stuff. TOOOOO scary.

  2. Something like five quid, Jaljen! I need to save up. But I'll work out the total cost of this lot plus my current finances and update this post!


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