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Candy stripes

Perhaps this would have been better done closer to Christmas? It reminds me of candy canes and the like. Still, with the Studio Christmas catalog that dropped through our door earlier this week and all this talk of Christmas collections for big makeup brands am I really that far off? :P It does kind of annoy me though, the fact that companies feel the need to start priming us for Christmas when it's still summer. Supposedly. Suckish weather for the win, right?

So anyway this is the generic hot pink of awesome and a white nail art pen. What's on the middle finger, you ask? What a good question. Guess. Go on, I dare you. The brand name begins with B and ends in M. And the colours are Cyan Blue, Spring Green and Bright Purple...yeah, you got me. *flaggellates self*

Leopards never change their spots. Or nail polish.

Actually I'm not a leopard so I did change my nail polish. I just needed something sort of witty to put as a title. I failed, but yeah. I mean, leopards can't type, right? Their claws would get stuck in the keyboard *shifty eyes*

So anyway. This is none other than a BARRY M NAIL PAINT in Cyan Blue (I'm really sorry guys, I have no idea why I keep reaching for these...) and the orange is a franken. It looked slightly darker in real life (the orange, I mean) but not a lot. It was a pretty poor franken in all honesty but it's nearly finished now (I didn't make much, yey) so I can reuse the bottle for bigger and better things. World domination! w00t.
If you're in the UK - How is your bank holiday Monday going? Anyone doing anything nice? I only have less than a week before I go back to school. Boo. GCSE'S and a new tyrannical head of year. Do not want.

Pink/Green leopard print.

This is Barry M's Mint Green (you guys must think they're sponsoring me lol, they're not :P) with that awesome generic hot pink splodged somewhat halfhazardly over the surface. It doesn't look hot in this picture but it is way more awesome in real life. I quite like leopard prints and zebra prints because it's quite difficult to go wrong with them, even when you're using your non-dominant hand (which is, in this case, my left trying to paint my right). You simply dab the brush on the nail polish and paint around it with a different colour using a striper or a toothpick.
I'm thinking this would make an interesting pedicure. Hmm. Has anyone out there done anything similar? I know there is a Konad plate with a similar effect, has anyone used that? Let us know.


Yet More Sellotape

It's back...

This is all Barry M Nail Paints (I seem to be using these a lot lately. *shrugs*) From the bottom - Bright Purple, Cyan Blue, Spring Green. What I did with this was to put a smallish strip of sellotape on the nail after I'd put a basecoat on then just paint around it, peel it off and paint on the bare nail left behind. Cyan Blue was good for that because it's pretty much opaque with one coat so I didn't need to go over it and run the risk of screwing everything up :D

Oh man, I love the summer holidays. Even though it's been raining non-stop for most of it. Pah.
How have your holidays been?

Freebies at the Body Shop!

So I was at the Body Shop a couple of days ago. Well, not at, really. We were walking past the Body Shop in the shopping centre actually. Anyway, a nice lady holding a body shop bag offers these little tubs of sample body creams to us and says we should take them away and try them...hey, who passes up a freebie?

Isn't it dinky? Everybody, together now: awwww!

Smells divine, as well. Haven't had a chance to use it properly yet but it seems nice and thick.
There's about enough for a couple of uses. Anyone else found this?

I would explain myself but I can't.

Nope. Can't explain myself :P I just felt  like drawing over my nails halfhazardly with nail polish pens. I liked the effect though, bright and rave-like.
 My black one has thickened up and now is virtually useless, though, which irritates me -.- I don't really want to pay £10 or so pounds again for a whole new set just for the black one. Hmm.

Sellotape experiments

Hey guys. So what I did with this was I put a base coat on then cut out triangles of sellotape on and stuck them onto my fingernails. I painted the tips blue with Barry M Cyan Blue and the middle bit is an MUA polish. Shade Three, I think, not entirely sure :P And the yellow is just a nail art pen. Hmm. This looked better in my head :P
As you guys can see, the purple is kind of jelly. It weirdly looks more of a plum on my camera but it is slightly more blue toned in real life. *ponders*


Lena xxx


Mermaid starfish mermaid starfish. Only the one on my thumb hasn't got a bikini top on :) Cheeky.
No, in all seriousness I just forgot. And then I remembered, and I put two blobs of nail polish on the one that you see above ^ but quite frankly the damage had been done. MWAHAHAHA.

And yes, my black mermaids do have long blonde hair. Don't ask me to explain myself because I can't :P Ever done something and thought, "Nah, screw it, can't be bothered to fix it?" Let us know :)

Daisies :D

My slightly less poor attempt at nail art. This is Barry M's Spring Green (I have a real thing for this polish nowadays, don't know why considering it's so frigging sheer but whatevs) and a white and yellow nail art pen.

Nail Fails

Yes, they do happen rather more often than I'd like :P


Sleek iDivine Circus Palette

Yesssss. I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous beast.

The outer packaging is just gorgeous. It was cardboard this time, too - easier to open. 

The actual palette. Notice how it's red, whereas all the previous incarnations, bar one, have been black. I personally like the change. It's cute :D
The palette in all it's bright glory. It's slightly more wearable than the Acid one but seeing as I wear the Acid one to school then wearability really isn't an issue for me :D
The very first shade, the red, looks very light in this photo but in real life it isn't. In fact, all the colours look slightly washed out. Poo. They're more vivid in real life.
This is the first row. All the shades came out pretty well, as you can see, though the white was a bit pants (not that I use it anyway, but anyone that would use a white should take note). I found that applying the red to my eyes wasn't as easy as with another matte red that I own. It was a tad chalky and I had to pack the colour on to get it to stop looking patchy.
The black in this one is scarily pigmented, no lies. What you see above was one dry swatch with my finger. Terrifying. Truly, truly terrifying. Nice one Sleek :D Also, I found that the orange in this one was much improved from the Acid incarnation - not only a warmer, prettier colour, but way easier to work with, too. I've heard complaints about the pigmentation of the lilac but I think it's not bad at all. Perhaps it's a different story when you apply it to your eyes - I wouldn't wear the lilac except as perhaps a liner or something, it's too light for me. But when I swatched it, it seemed fine.

All in all, for just £5.99 you get some seriously cracking shades. If you want this palette, though, it's limited edition so you'd better hurry.

You try going to sleep with hoards of tweenagers in the house.

Aha. My younger sister is having a sleepover, which means I (as the oldest, naturally) must stay downstairs to turn off the alarm once they've finished playing their inane games. Meh. Lol it's nearly 2:00 am and I'm just watching Korean pop videos and stalking other people's blogs, go figure. So anyway. I has a post for you!

So I had on Shade 1 (Superdrug's MUA range) which is a blackened blue with a lit from within quality. Completely gorgeous, but I get bored of my colours soooooooooooooo easily. Short attention span, I know. So I decided to get one of my generic sheer pinky nail polish thingys and layer it on top. Kinda cool effect, non?

I love the way the light bounces off the shimmer in it. Anyway. So what time is it currently where you are? I hope it's not quite as absurd as this :P

Temporary Tattoos

Childish? Yes. Yes they are. But I was feeling uber lazy and it's a pretty quick way to jazz up my alt. French thing that I had going on.

I found these in the same place that I found that generic pink nail polish. There were quite a few different sizes, it was basically a matter of finding the ones that were small enough to fit on my nail.
 That was against the window of our house at night time (like eleven, twelve o clock?) I kinda like the effect actually :P

Hate these begging posts but...

Hey guys. Erm. Yeah. So I entered The Lacquer Files Nail Art Contest this year.

This was my first entry. WHYYYY SO SERIOUS?!?!
And the second (from Scream).


This is seriously embarrassing. But basically, I'd be totally grateful if you could pop over for me? Lol thanks guys :P

*gets up from begging position on the floor*

I told you I was obsessed

Yes. MOAWR alternative frenches. I really couldn't tell you why they fascinate me so much :P
This is Barry M's Spring Green and just a clear nail polish (MUA) over the top of it this time. Pretty simple to do and quick drying. Only problem is, Spring Green is surprisingly jelly-like which kinda ruins the fun when you can see my nail line underneath. I could put a coat of white underneath first but that's soooo much effort *endlaziness*
I think my right hand looked better than this one but I suck at taking pictures of it :(

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