Freebies at the Body Shop!

Posted by on Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I was at the Body Shop a couple of days ago. Well, not at, really. We were walking past the Body Shop in the shopping centre actually. Anyway, a nice lady holding a body shop bag offers these little tubs of sample body creams to us and says we should take them away and try them...hey, who passes up a freebie?

Isn't it dinky? Everybody, together now: awwww!

Smells divine, as well. Haven't had a chance to use it properly yet but it seems nice and thick.
There's about enough for a couple of uses. Anyone else found this?


  1. *thumbs up!* freebies are awesome hehe

  2. Lol thanks Jamie K! Do you live in the UK? Have you seen these around?

  3. I'm wearing Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green. Thanks for your comment Maria!

  4. Ooh i got that a couple of months ago at my boots but you could choose which product. Now its empty i use it to carry round some cocoa butter :)

  5. That's awesome vegesauras! Good idea about the cocoa butter :P


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