Temporary Tattoos

Posted by on Monday, August 02, 2010

Childish? Yes. Yes they are. But I was feeling uber lazy and it's a pretty quick way to jazz up my alt. French thing that I had going on.

I found these in the same place that I found that generic pink nail polish. There were quite a few different sizes, it was basically a matter of finding the ones that were small enough to fit on my nail.
 That was against the window of our house at night time (like eleven, twelve o clock?) I kinda like the effect actually :P


  1. Not sure about the tats but how did you get your nails so glossy???? They look lush.

  2. Lol thanks Jaljen! Yeah, I don't think I'll repeat the tattoos either but I basically just buffed them, put two coats of basecoat on and then this Sally Hansen topcoat on after I'd put the Spring Green nail polish on and yeah. Thanks very much! :)


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