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Fresh Lip Treatment Haul, Review

I've been intrigued by the Fresh lip balms for a while - they're widely raved about on the Blogosphere, and a small part of me just likes the novelty of a metal tube. So in late November, I bit the bullet and bought a sample pack of seven mini lipbalms from their website. Weirdly, I can no longer see this particular set on their website - admittedly, the Fresh website is ballache to navigate - but I think I paid around £44 for it, not including £6.95 postage. It's not exactly a student purchase, I'll give you that.

 The box did have a red ribbon on it, which I excitedly ripped off.
 The pretties!

 From left to right: Advanced Lip Therapy (clear) Nude, Rose, Tulip, Ruby, Fig, Advanced Lip Therapy (clear) with SPF.

Hand swatches:
 From left to right: Nude, Rose, Tulip, Ruby, Fig.

Lip swatches:
 Bare lips.
Advanced Lip Therapy.
 Nude. My lips are pretty pigmented, so this barely shows up - a hint of shimmer, but not much else.
 Rose gives a subtle fuschia colour to the lips - much less noticeable in real life.

 Tulip is a slightly deeper red, much more pigmented version of Rose on my lips, with a little more shimmer too.
Fig is a deeper sheer mauve-brown on my lips with shimmer that borders on microfine glitter. It's a little distracting for a tinted lip balm.

So what do we think about the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments?

They're nice. All of them feel very light on the lips, and as someone who despises the heavy feel of say, Vaseline, a lip balm that feels weightless is a must. The range of colour pay off is good, too - I can reach for Nude for lazy days or Tulip if I want a bit more of a statement lip. The packaging is very luxurious and classy, too.

For what they are, they're also pretty expensive. Excluding postage, this gift set works out at nearly £7 a (mini) lip balm - although this is way better value than their full sized tubes, which retail at £19 a pop. Considering the fact that they're very soft and creamy and also mini sized, I've got through a couple of tubes entirely with about two weeks of regular use. That wouldn't make a dent in a standard size Nivea or EOS, for comparison.
While you can't compare budget with high end, I'd completely understand high end pricing if the product delivered high end performance. In terms of moisture, I'd actually rather stick with my Nivea Fruity Shine balms, which surprised me! The tinted Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are actually not particularly moisturising. The clear versions give a lot more moisture than the tinted ones, but also wear off quickly. They're also very heat sensitive - after a day at work with SPF in my pocket, the little stub of it remaining had melted against the side of the tube, slanting it so it was pretty much unusable. :(

While I don't think I'll be repurchasing mine when they run out, I am interested in the similar product from L'Occitane - priced at £12 for 4g and reported to be super moisturising, those will probably be my next purchase come payday!

Collection Sheer Loose Powder Review

In terms of loose powder, my holy grail was the ELF HD Studio powder. Unfortunately, ELF stopped selling in the UK, and when they returned it was with a massively reduced product range and with hidden custom charges so I've not purchased from them since.

After my last pot ran out, I decided it was high time to investigate other powders. Rather than the HD blurring effect, I was more after oil control, and stumbled across this cheap and cheerful offering from Collection.

Priced at £2.99 (and with a 10% NUS card discount at Superdrug for any students out there) it certainly doesn't break the bank. There's a thin sponge included which I wouldn't recommend using, unless you like the 'massively over applied and cakey' look.

Can confirm that this product is translucent, which is such a plus. British High Street makeup brands routinely ignore darker skin tones, so it's great to have the option of cheap makeup that won't ghost you out.

Regarding oil control, it's pretty decent at controlling t-zone oiliness, though won't wear for quite as long as the ELF HD or similar silica based powders. Your mileage will vary significantly based on the base you're wearing underneath it, though. My daily routine of a moisturising BB Cream means that any powder is going to struggle to prevent shiny patches, whereas if you wear a heavy foundation it'll likely last longer.

Anyone else tried this powder?

KIKO Skincare - Anti Spot Skin Trainer Review

Happy New Year everyone!

I obtained these bad boys in that infamous Black Friday haul...easily the most expensive products I've ever purchased from KIKO.

For some reason, the Skin Trainer serum is a red box encased in a silver box...strange packaging choice, but OK.

The anti-spot serum is a thin-ish liquid with an SPF of 20. Leaves no white cast or what have you on my dark skin. Also, it absorbs extremely quickly, very important when I'm in hurry in the morning. I've been using it in the mornings (not in the evenings although twice daily application is recommended) since Black Friday, (so a month and a bit now) and my skin seems more even toned and smoother, although I have recently started using a Foreo rip off and occasional AHA so they could also be responsible. I've had two spots since using this product. Annoyingly, my nose is still pretty oily, though that too has reduced somewhat recently...I'm more inclined to credit my skin trying to adjust to the colder/drier weather than this product though.

Skin Trainer is the white liquid on the extreme left.

I have slight (but noticeable) dark discolouration on both of my cheeks which has definitely faded since I started using this product. It's still there, but definitely improved which is a massive bonus.
The serum is hydrating, but not hydrating enough to skip moisturiser for me personally. I use this, then moisturiser (currently trying Clinique's Moisture Surge) followed by the CC Blur and then the KIKO BB cream.
After application, skin looks a little brighter and more refreshed but I wouldn't say it works miracles like it implies on the box.

All in all, I'm really pleased with this serum! Would recommend to anyone interested to at least visit the store and enquire about it and whether it'd suit your skin's needs. As promised on the packaging, it reduces dark spots (also red ones if anyone is prone to those), makes me appear a little more radiant and makes me look more even.

Has anyone else tried this? I find it hard to find English-language reviews for this product so would be interested to hear your views!

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