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Poundshop Haul

As the title suggests, these are the spoils from my latest jaunt at Poundland. Glass files? Little gem thingies for nail art? Count me in!

Glitter makes everything better.

This is a black Miss Sporty nail polish with that glitter polish applied over it. Like I mentioned earlier, the upside of dramatically shortened nails is the ability to rock dark colours with impunity. Er, when you're not at school, of course *shifty eyes* I was lucky not to get caught with this lol.
Not to say that longer nails can't wear dark colours. I personally think it looks awesome on both lengths but the general consensus seems to be no? That's what I see in the magazines, anyway. *is ignorant*. I don't know. What do you guys think?

August Favourites (don't ask)

dislcaimer: This is too late to be real life.

So these four items are the ones that I either reached for the most often or enjoyed loads when using them.

Number One - Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (red bottle). I don't actually think this does anything, chip wise, but you have no idea how good it is not to have to wait around for your nails to dry before you know, moving. Godsend. GODSEND. I've got through almost half the bottle already *guilty*. Plus it makes your varnish look nice and shiny!

Number Two - random generic glitter topcoat that is packed. full. of. glitter. It's so good for when you've been wearing a manicure for a while and you want to switch it up a bit. I love it over dark colours, the glitter looks like stars.

Number Three - MUA Eyeshadow Shade 13. It's a lovely, gorgeous dark purple and it's so easy to use/soft/awesome. Only I have no idea what I did to it but a couple of nights ago I took it out of it's box to find it pretty much destroyed! So I'm using what I can of it for now but next time that I'm in town I'll have to get a new one. I don't mind too much as it's only a pound, though.

Number Four - last but definately not least, Primark's Eye Kohl. This was a pound, and came in a bag with another orange coloured pencil and a sharpener. It's so soft and dreamy and opaque and....yes. Nice one Primark, nice one.

So those were my four favourite things for August. What about you guys? Let us know ;)

Wednesday's nails

So on Tuesday, as no particular attention had been paid to our nails on Monday, I painted them red (Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry). Biiiig mistake. That came off quick sharp. To add to the upset, my violin teacher told me that the pitiful length that I'd grown them to during the summer holidays had to come off, sharpish. Not happy guys, not happy. Anyway I decided to appease her for once so am currently sporting nubbins. I don't mind them painted with a very dark colour, but you know, school, so I came up with this:

Urgh. You can /barely/ see anything. This is "Flash" by Avon (a light pearl pink) and then over it I put one coat of Nails Inc's "Sloane Mews", which mutes it even more.
I got away with it though, so I'm not complainging.
 ^ Is my other hand (right hand) which doesn't come into contact with the fingerboard so doesn't need to have shorter nails. Theoretically. In practice she nagged me the following week into cutting those as well so I could "hold the bow better" (wtf? Like seriously) and I gave in because quite frankly it's TOO EARLY in the school term for this foolishness. Foolishness, I tell you.

How has returning to school/work (if you're a teacher) been for you guys? I'm interested. Please share ;)

Back to School Manicure

OK, so I'll confess. I chickened out.

A new year means a new head of year. Last year (Year Ten) we had a man and he was quite good. Strict on uniform but didn't seem to notice makeup or nail polish. But this year, we have a woman and coupled with an unnecessary tightening up of the uniform restrictions anyway, I was pretty terrified, not going to lie.

You think the situation isn't bad? Oh hell yes it is. First day at school - girls that were wearing skirts were told to gt on their knees (no, not that for all you dirty minded people out there :P) to make sure that the skirt at least covered or went past the knee. For us trouser wearers, we had teachers at our legs pulling at the trousers to make sure that they didn't "give" too much and weren't too stretchy/tight/fitted/bootleg or whatever. Nail polish was promptly destroyed. Girls were having to take off their makeup with nasty cheapo makeup wipes from the budget line at the supermarket. Ew. And for those that didn't quite satisfy the draconian restrictions? Immediate isolation at breaktimes and lunchtimes until they purchased a brand new skirt/trouser/offending uniform item. One of my friends spent the first two weeks in isolation. I kind of felt bad for her but with this type of dictatorship it's so much easier to give in and then start wearing whatever you want next term. Usually they realise they can't win.

So anyway. This is what I was going to wear, originally.

Then I thought the glitter might be a little obvious. Plus it looked kinda rough.
Hmm. That's a no.

So I just painted them with one coat of Nails Inc Sloane Mews. Cop out, I know.

Green-ness. Er. Hmm. Title fail.

This is some MUA polish which I've forgotten the name of and a white nail art pen. It looks uber messy though :( I think I only wore this for about two days before it started chipping. I swear when those nail art pens are on your nail tip chipping or shrinkage happens very quickly :/

I've been a bad, bad blogger

So sorry guys. Year Eleven is such a biatch. I'll try and post more frequently from now on :( Starting from right now!


Back to school in like 10 hours. Not impressed, not impressed at all. This means an end to a summer of Korean Pop Music, parties and basically doing jack all and a return to exams, little/none nail polish and uniform.


So the plan for tommorow morning is:

Have nails painted in a almost there but not quite french manner. We now have a new head of year, and she's female and has already warned us to expect crackdowns on makeup, nails, dyed hair and skirt length. The first three apply to me lol :P So makeup will probably either be black eyeshadow + blue eyeliner or dark purple eyeshadow (probably the MUA one, I'm in love with it at the moment) or matte green and gold. Clear lipgloss. Nail polish will be a french with maybe a little Konad for colour. I need to see what I can get away with lol :P Anyone else out there going back to school tommorow? Let us know :P

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