Glitter makes everything better.

Posted by on Monday, September 20, 2010

This is a black Miss Sporty nail polish with that glitter polish applied over it. Like I mentioned earlier, the upside of dramatically shortened nails is the ability to rock dark colours with impunity. Er, when you're not at school, of course *shifty eyes* I was lucky not to get caught with this lol.
Not to say that longer nails can't wear dark colours. I personally think it looks awesome on both lengths but the general consensus seems to be no? That's what I see in the magazines, anyway. *is ignorant*. I don't know. What do you guys think?


  1. I don't like long nails. Full stop.

  2. It looks nice! I can't believe no one caught you though...they look so eye-catching.

    And I personally love long nails with dark colors. It just looks so dangerous and evil. LMAO.

    When mine were longer (I had to cut them down for school) I used to love to wear dark colors with them. I can't wait to grow them out again.

  3. I love this!! And the glitters awesome!! I think dark colors are great for both long and short nails. :D

  4. jaljen: lol, blunt! But thanks for your opinion :P

    ChaosButterfly: Thank you very much! I was kinda stealthy with my hands that day :P Had to hide them whenever my form tutor was near. It was worth it though. Thanks for your opinion! I quite like long nails too, they look hawt.

    xnosugaraddedz: Thank you so much! Thanks also for your opinion and for the comment!

  5. hehe lucky.. it looks too fab to take off.. that's prob why nobody said anything.. i loe short nails + dark vampy colors!

  6. i love having short nails!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  7. Love it.
    I'm partial to short nails.


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