Back to School Manicure

Posted by on Friday, September 17, 2010

OK, so I'll confess. I chickened out.

A new year means a new head of year. Last year (Year Ten) we had a man and he was quite good. Strict on uniform but didn't seem to notice makeup or nail polish. But this year, we have a woman and coupled with an unnecessary tightening up of the uniform restrictions anyway, I was pretty terrified, not going to lie.

You think the situation isn't bad? Oh hell yes it is. First day at school - girls that were wearing skirts were told to gt on their knees (no, not that for all you dirty minded people out there :P) to make sure that the skirt at least covered or went past the knee. For us trouser wearers, we had teachers at our legs pulling at the trousers to make sure that they didn't "give" too much and weren't too stretchy/tight/fitted/bootleg or whatever. Nail polish was promptly destroyed. Girls were having to take off their makeup with nasty cheapo makeup wipes from the budget line at the supermarket. Ew. And for those that didn't quite satisfy the draconian restrictions? Immediate isolation at breaktimes and lunchtimes until they purchased a brand new skirt/trouser/offending uniform item. One of my friends spent the first two weeks in isolation. I kind of felt bad for her but with this type of dictatorship it's so much easier to give in and then start wearing whatever you want next term. Usually they realise they can't win.

So anyway. This is what I was going to wear, originally.

Then I thought the glitter might be a little obvious. Plus it looked kinda rough.
Hmm. That's a no.

So I just painted them with one coat of Nails Inc Sloane Mews. Cop out, I know.


  1. They make us do the knee thing in our school too. A bunch of sadists, trust me.

  2. In high school, they used to carry around a ruler and they would make you stand up straight so they could measure the hem. If it was more than two inches above the knee, you had to go change. Ugh.

    But I think you may have gotten away with the glitter tips. They were cute!

  3. Just going to have to be sneakily creative for a while. What about mattifying a coupla nails over a pink polish. Or 5 different nude shades? Or an accent nail that's got a French tip and the others not?

  4. Rhea! I haven't seen you around for ages! :P Lol they are sadists. Should be illegal or something -.-

    Seriously? What is it with teachers and skirt lengths? Well thanks for sharing ChaosButterfly. Love your name, by the way :P

    Ah, I know jaljen. I kind of relish the challenge though *evil face* :P Thanks for the suggstions! I'll have to try some of these out soon ;)

  5. Wow.. so strict! I feel for you.
    You'll be in 6th form/college soon and hopefully they won't be too strict.

    Great nails though hun. Its a shame you can't show them off a bit more though :(

    Zahra xx

  6. Lol thanks Zaza. Yeah, can't wait until college! No uniform or anything, lol :P Thanks so much for your comment!


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