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Posted by on Saturday, September 18, 2010

So on Tuesday, as no particular attention had been paid to our nails on Monday, I painted them red (Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry). Biiiig mistake. That came off quick sharp. To add to the upset, my violin teacher told me that the pitiful length that I'd grown them to during the summer holidays had to come off, sharpish. Not happy guys, not happy. Anyway I decided to appease her for once so am currently sporting nubbins. I don't mind them painted with a very dark colour, but you know, school, so I came up with this:

Urgh. You can /barely/ see anything. This is "Flash" by Avon (a light pearl pink) and then over it I put one coat of Nails Inc's "Sloane Mews", which mutes it even more.
I got away with it though, so I'm not complainging.
 ^ Is my other hand (right hand) which doesn't come into contact with the fingerboard so doesn't need to have shorter nails. Theoretically. In practice she nagged me the following week into cutting those as well so I could "hold the bow better" (wtf? Like seriously) and I gave in because quite frankly it's TOO EARLY in the school term for this foolishness. Foolishness, I tell you.

How has returning to school/work (if you're a teacher) been for you guys? I'm interested. Please share ;)

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