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Quick one as I'm off hiking tommorow with Duke of Edinburgh. This is the Boots No 7 colour I've been raving about. I'm going to do some nail art on it, but isn't it PRETTY?


I tried out the Boots colour that I talked about in the earlier post on my feet - (because tommorow is a Monday and I'd never get away with it on my fingers) and then on the left foot, one coat of the Maybelline Tropical Peach and another of some sheer pink Sally Hansen that seems to be popping up everywhere. At the moment I'm too lazy to go get the bottle but when I do find the inclination I'll post it here :P People hardly ever see my feet anyway as I hate wearing sandals but I just couldn't wait to try these out!

Goodnight all!


So recently I've managed to acquire loads more nail polishes - five half used base coats (fine by me :D) and a load of new colours which I'll show you now. A really good family friend used to be a nail technician a while back and didn't use these any she gave them to me. I am so pleased :)
Here we have: two Maybellines, three Avons and one nail polish from Boots.
This is what looks like a glittery purple topcoat (from Avon).
Here's the topcoat again with it's buddies - Avon Minimilastic Peach (which I showed in an earlier post) and Flash. Both look like they'll be good colours for school. The formula on Minimalistic Peach is absolutley gorgeous. The ball bearings literally fly through the mixture yet on your fingers it's not runny at all. Good coverage. I haven't tried Flash or Glittering Purple yet but I'm sure they'll live up to expectations.
The Maybelline colours really caught my eye! There's an orange (Tropical Peach, hmm, a lot of peaches hanging around here!) and a turquoise (Jelly Bean). The colours are both lighter than they appear in this photo. Again, haven't tried these out yet but expect swatches soon! Both of them look like they have very interesting hints of shimmer in them.
Last but not least, a dark metallic blue from Boots named "Oceanic 625." Mysterious.
This also seems to have quite a bit of shimmer in there.
Like I said earlier, swatches soon! I'm really pleased with these and I thank her for her generosity :) For a student on a budget these are a serious godsend. Oh, and on Tuesday, I'm leaving for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition (for those that don't know what that is, it's a British thing, google it because it's quite hard to explain) and I'll be back on Wednesday...we can see how whatever colour I'm wearing holds up against that terrain...

Purple Franken

Yeah. Look at that bad boi.

This is my second franken. I should have written down a recipe but I literally took an old, empty w7 nail polish bottle (base coat with ginseng) and added some blue nail art glitter, some green nail art glitter (from the nail art pens from Hong Kong, I never use the glitters) a relatively sheer Sally Hansen Diamond Hard (some of it, not a lot) and some Barry M in Raspberry and a whole lot more. The result was meh. I really wanted a duochrome but I don't/didn't really know how to go about making one of those and the Internet, for once, was no help. If anyone has any tips, please share! :) This is what it looks like though:

It's a lot more blue on the hands than the picture above shows.
It doesn't seem to mix very well but I don't have any ball bearings. Oh, and it dries satiny. Very nice :)
Do you guys think those two polishes look similar? The china glaze one is waaaay darker, of course, but the glitter...
Like I said, if anyone could give me pointers as so making a duochrome - much appreciated. Thanks!

Sheers for School - Avon Colour Trend Minimalistic Peach

Hi! Today I went to school with this colour on - a recent acquisition from a family friend. It's a great, very light pearly pink.
That was three coats, and there is still VNL but it's just so pretty! I couldn't stop staring at my nails, they reminded me of Mother of Pearl or something.

Do you guys thing this suits me? It looks very golden in this picture but it's not really.

And a bottle shot:

Frankens and Konad!

My school's production of Les Mis ended a week ago and since I was involved (playing the violin in the orchestra, it was great fun!) I went to the afterparty at the boy who plays Marius's house yesterday :P Was great fun, but this is how my nails looked like:

That was the design on my right hand. See, as I was getting ready for the party I frankened this polish out of an old eyeshadow:

Yeah, I love it too. Reminds me of chocolate :D So I Konaded over the top of it with a baby pink Nails Inc. polish.

On the left hand, I painted the nails the same Nails Inc. baby pink colour, but simply Konaded over it with this brown polish like so:

The rose on the index finger went slightly wrong, so I stuck a couple of Fimo shapes over it.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the effect! I got quite a few compliments - well, before everyone got too drunk to care, haha. Anyway, what do you think about my first franken attempt?

St Patrick's Day!

Little late, I know, but here's my offering:

Quite messy but was done on the go :P A little shamrock on the thumb to go with the rainbows...not enough room for a pot of gold!

Nails Inc Sloane Mews

Managed to obtain another Nails Inc polish today! It's named Sloane Mews and looks very white in the bottle but once on the nail it was very sheer. Like, really sheer. It took another coat for a passer by to notice, though it was very school appropriate - noticeable, but not. Perfect for Mondays.

It's very hard to capture...on the nail, it looks like quite a translucent white with some very pretty shimmer but this doesn't seem to translate on the camera...

Gotta love Hong Kong

Goodies! I have loads of new stuff off eBay which took ages to arrive (fair enough, seeing as it's from Hong Kong) but is well worth the wait! First off, a lovely set of five Konad plates. Two are French Manicure ones which are slightly tricky to line up but look great, and the other three are a mixture of flower designs, Chinese characters and the greatest HELLO KITTY plate – yeah baby :P I also have a pink plastic stamper and scraper.
Next, I have a set of twenty five Fimo nail art canes. There are three flower canes in purple, yellow and pink, but the rest are different fruit shapes such as watermelon, apple, bananna, strawberry…list goes on. Good buys seeing as I got the whole lot for much less than seven quid. Expect to have your eyes assaulted by my nail art :P

Moaaar Giveaways!

The nail polish blogging community have definately been busy! There are lots more giveaways, which means way more prizes up for grabs!

First up, at Nail Addicts anonymous they are giving away a hella lotta polishes. China Glaze and Essie included!

The lovely Lyra from the Nail Junkie, who is hosting her first giveaway. Boy, is she generous! There is a TONNE (not kidding) of nail polish, lip glosses, stickers and name it, she's got it!

It all looks so impressive :)

Next, we have Manicured Manatee, who after amusing us with a pee related childhood story, is giving away the Colour Club Pardon My French collection. Hell yeah.

Also, there is painted Lady fingers, who is giving away a nice set of Konad plates (eight, to be exact).

We have Inside of My purse, who has very kindly opened up her giveaway to international followers! She's celebrating 250 followers and has been hella generous - take a look at this booty.

Body and Soul are literally always doing giveways (generous people....) and I've just discovered this mahooosive HAUL of green nail polish to celebrate St Patrick's Day...I think I just drooled all over my monitor...:P

Chromatic Misadventures is giving away TEN nail polishes. Yeah man. Ten. She's celebrating her 100 follower giveaway (it's her first as well!) She's got loads to choose from so give it a look - but it's ending tomorrow (the 15th of March, Monday) so get a wriggle on :)
Good luck!


I have such a backlog of nails that I've done! I haven't managed to upload them this week because of the school play (I'm playing in the orchestra). We're doing Les Mis, it's great fun :) 
I did a sheer glitter nail polish by Rimmel, then drew a cherry on all the fingers. Pictures!

The day after that, I did a yin yang type nail in I used Rimmel 60 Second dry nail polish in red with stars and a silver Nail Art pen.

Hello again :)

 I bought a blue nail polish from Wilkinsons. I looked online for information about the brand but seriously, NOTHING comes up, which really irritates me. Argh.
It’s a metallic blue and it only cost £1, but don’t expect any wear out of it whatsoever. A day without chips is a cause for celebration. Pictures:

And what I drew on it. I basically had two ideas at the same time, so on the thumb and the middle finger there’s a cubism sorta scene going on and on the rest, there was three different shades of blue.

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