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So recently I've managed to acquire loads more nail polishes - five half used base coats (fine by me :D) and a load of new colours which I'll show you now. A really good family friend used to be a nail technician a while back and didn't use these any more...so she gave them to me. I am so pleased :)
Here we have: two Maybellines, three Avons and one nail polish from Boots.
This is what looks like a glittery purple topcoat (from Avon).
Here's the topcoat again with it's buddies - Avon Minimilastic Peach (which I showed in an earlier post) and Flash. Both look like they'll be good colours for school. The formula on Minimalistic Peach is absolutley gorgeous. The ball bearings literally fly through the mixture yet on your fingers it's not runny at all. Good coverage. I haven't tried Flash or Glittering Purple yet but I'm sure they'll live up to expectations.
The Maybelline colours really caught my eye! There's an orange (Tropical Peach, hmm, a lot of peaches hanging around here!) and a turquoise (Jelly Bean). The colours are both lighter than they appear in this photo. Again, haven't tried these out yet but expect swatches soon! Both of them look like they have very interesting hints of shimmer in them.
Last but not least, a dark metallic blue from Boots named "Oceanic 625." Mysterious.
This also seems to have quite a bit of shimmer in there.
Like I said earlier, swatches soon! I'm really pleased with these and I thank her for her generosity :) For a student on a budget these are a serious godsend. Oh, and on Tuesday, I'm leaving for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition (for those that don't know what that is, it's a British thing, google it because it's quite hard to explain) and I'll be back on Wednesday...we can see how whatever colour I'm wearing holds up against that terrain...

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