Gotta love Hong Kong

Posted by on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodies! I have loads of new stuff off eBay which took ages to arrive (fair enough, seeing as it's from Hong Kong) but is well worth the wait! First off, a lovely set of five Konad plates. Two are French Manicure ones which are slightly tricky to line up but look great, and the other three are a mixture of flower designs, Chinese characters and the greatest HELLO KITTY plate – yeah baby :P I also have a pink plastic stamper and scraper.
Next, I have a set of twenty five Fimo nail art canes. There are three flower canes in purple, yellow and pink, but the rest are different fruit shapes such as watermelon, apple, bananna, strawberry…list goes on. Good buys seeing as I got the whole lot for much less than seven quid. Expect to have your eyes assaulted by my nail art :P

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