Moaaar Giveaways!

Posted by on Sunday, March 14, 2010

The nail polish blogging community have definately been busy! There are lots more giveaways, which means way more prizes up for grabs!

First up, at Nail Addicts anonymous they are giving away a hella lotta polishes. China Glaze and Essie included!

The lovely Lyra from the Nail Junkie, who is hosting her first giveaway. Boy, is she generous! There is a TONNE (not kidding) of nail polish, lip glosses, stickers and name it, she's got it!

It all looks so impressive :)

Next, we have Manicured Manatee, who after amusing us with a pee related childhood story, is giving away the Colour Club Pardon My French collection. Hell yeah.

Also, there is painted Lady fingers, who is giving away a nice set of Konad plates (eight, to be exact).

We have Inside of My purse, who has very kindly opened up her giveaway to international followers! She's celebrating 250 followers and has been hella generous - take a look at this booty.

Body and Soul are literally always doing giveways (generous people....) and I've just discovered this mahooosive HAUL of green nail polish to celebrate St Patrick's Day...I think I just drooled all over my monitor...:P

Chromatic Misadventures is giving away TEN nail polishes. Yeah man. Ten. She's celebrating her 100 follower giveaway (it's her first as well!) She's got loads to choose from so give it a look - but it's ending tomorrow (the 15th of March, Monday) so get a wriggle on :)
Good luck!

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