Purple Franken

Posted by on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yeah. Look at that bad boi.

This is my second franken. I should have written down a recipe but I literally took an old, empty w7 nail polish bottle (base coat with ginseng) and added some blue nail art glitter, some green nail art glitter (from the nail art pens from Hong Kong, I never use the glitters) a relatively sheer Sally Hansen Diamond Hard (some of it, not a lot) and some Barry M in Raspberry and a whole lot more. The result was meh. I really wanted a duochrome but I don't/didn't really know how to go about making one of those and the Internet, for once, was no help. If anyone has any tips, please share! :) This is what it looks like though:

It's a lot more blue on the hands than the picture above shows.
It doesn't seem to mix very well but I don't have any ball bearings. Oh, and it dries satiny. Very nice :)
Do you guys think those two polishes look similar? The china glaze one is waaaay darker, of course, but the glitter...
Like I said, if anyone could give me pointers as so making a duochrome - much appreciated. Thanks!

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