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Friday Time :)

Hello again! Well today is a Friday, so I went all out on my nails. Feeling adventurous, I did three different shades of blue on my left hand (they are a little hard to see in the photo, but they are there :L) and on my middle finger and my thumb, I did an abstract design with loads of colours. On the left, I did purple and green glitters. Pictures here:

My form tutor noticed them, but as there were only ten minutes left before we went home, he said they looked very pretty but they should be off by Monday.
They'll be off by Monday but I'll have probably replaced them by then...haha :) Thank goodness it's Friday! While I think school is alright I just felt really tired pretty much all this week. And I have a science module test on Wednesday...


Wow. There are quite a few good ones around at the moment, good luck!

The Chain Nail is giving away loads of nail stuff!

Painted Lady fingers is giving away Man Glaze Polishes. Nice :)

We are Fish and We Drown is also having a giveaway!

New: Romika's Nails are doing a giveaway but this is only open until 11:59 TODAY! 14th of March! So seriouly, I implore you to get a move on :P


‘Sup dawgs? First post of my new blog! My name is Lena, I’m fifteen and living in the UK right now. Became totally addicted to nail polish about three weeks ago and this is the product of my madness. Only in this country, I have to attend school five days a week. Nothing wrong with this apart from the fact that we have to wear uniform and hair extensions, make up, jewellery and nail polish are BANNED.

*cue shocked gasps and fainting*

You see what I have to work with? And to make matters worse, being a student, I’m usually broke :P So this blog is going to basically chronicle my attempts to circumnavigate the uniform policy while making nails look good on a budget (read: eBay and buying nail polish for like a pound over at Wilkinson’s) and avoiding the ultimate terror – being sent to the Head of Year’s to take off your nail polish. And I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!

Here are the official guidelines for my nail painting:

Mondays: Have to be relatively sheer or glittery with little to no nail art. You see, a Monday is the day our form tutor checks our nails. This will probably be the day that I review a sheer nail polish or clear.

Tuesdays: We have assembly on this day and usually I can sneak out without having my nails seen. I like to have my nails done on a Tuesday as I have violin lessons and everyone stares at your left hand, haha. So I’ll probably do some nail art on this day.

Wednesdays: No assembly, so the risk of being caught is slightly higher. But often I’ll embellish Tuesday’s design or try out a new mani altogether.

Thursdays: I help some of the year sevens that day, so hopefully might escape watchful eyes but can’t be sure. Usually I’ll have a completely new mani on that day but may just do an alternative French or something.

Friday: Assemblies. Go wild, because it’s the weekend!

Enough with the introductions already, let’s see some PICTURES.

OK. This was a Wednesday look. I started out with my Nails Inc “Kensington Basecoat Caviar” – yes I know I won’t really be doing expensive salon brands but my mum has a lot of Nail Inc stuff and she bought the basecoat for me. After the base coat, I used a fairly generic bottle of light lilac nail polish on my nails. I got it this Christmas in a set full of about 22 eyeshadows, mascara, lipgloss etc. and there were two mini bottles of this stuff in there. Meh. You’ll probably find you’ll have some at home but if not any purple or pink sheer will do. This was two coats.

I know it’s hard to see even with flash, but it’s slightly more obvious in real life though just about sheer enough to pass inspection on a Monday if worn by itself.
After this was done, I did an alternative French by using a nail art two way polish pen that I’d bought off eBay. Basically, it came in a set of 24 and I’m trying to find a way to use up the glittery ones :P Simply search for 12, 24, 48, 60 or 72 nail art pens on eBay and loads will pop up for very reasonable prices. Anyway, this was in light pink:

Being me, I didn’t stop there! On my thumbs, I painted a cherry. This was done with a red colour from the same set as the pink above.

And that was it. Really simple yet really pretty!

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