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Blog Sale!

Fancy housing some of my collection? Much of it is getting very little love, which makes me sad.


Domestic postage base rate: £1.00. 30p for each additional item.

European postage base rate: £2.00. 35p for each additional item.

Worldwide: £3.50

Can hold items, but usually first paid, first served :L 
Thank you!

Boots top coat, 50p.

MUA Glitter Crackle Polish, swatched once, £1

Lilac No7 polish, worn four or so times, £1.

Diddy OPI, 60% left, 25p.

 Elegant Touch False nails, never opened or worn, £2

eBay false lashes, couple of pairs missing, 75p.


W7 Glitter Eyeliner (black) never opened or worn, £1.


Sleek PoutPaint 'Minx', swatched once, £2.50


BeautyUK polish, 50p.


Two 17 polishes, 50p each. Both swatched about twice.

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Cookie, worn two, three times on lips. 25p each.


MUA Trios used a couple of times dry, £1 each. Immaculate Collection palette, £1, barely used.
Pretty Pastels palette, 50p, usage as shown.

ASOS Ciate Paints, had for ages and most have like half left (formula is still great though) so the lot for £2 or 60p each, aside from the orange (Olivia) as that has the least so that's 20p.


Kiko nail lacquers, numbers 273 (silver) and 259 (pink), 95% left, £2

Funky Fingers nail paint in Snakeskin, £1

17 Nail Glitter top coat, 75p.

No7 polish, 'Beautifully Black' 90% remaining, £1.

Barry M polish in 'Coral', 85% remaining, £1.

Rimmel 'Lemon Drop' polish, worn once, £2.
MUA All in One Beauty Balm in Dark, about half left, £1.50.

SunSense, 'Daily Face' SPF 50 Invisible Tint Finish, 70% left, £2.50


Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish in 'Powder Pink' - one single dent in it where I applied it once. £2.50
Sleek MakeUp Pout Paint in 'Minx' - swatched once.

Lip Smacker in Cherry Coca-Cola, used three times on lips, 75p.


Unopened and unused, still in original packaging Nails Inc for Fabulous Magazine nail polishes,

Blistex Lip Brilliance Lip Balm, unopened and unused, £2.


I've been MIA for so long, it's actually shameful :( My only excuses are exams and the fact that I spent every single week of the summer holidays doing work experience of some sort. This is the year in which I apply to university, and since I'm hoping to study Medicine I've been trying to do as much extra curricular stuff as possible, now that the academics are somewhat out of the way.

Peace offering: May I show some pretty pictures of what I've been up to while neglecting my poor blog? Then tommorow, I promise to answer my comment backlogs and work on some new material. I've seen some product launches that are impressive and I'd like to talk about them, though I'm way behind the times!
 2012-01-25 12.53.18
Boo, Chemistry.
 2012-01-12 21.44.02
Boo, practice exam papers.

 2012-01-25 16.57.32
Volunteering at the hospital!

Out with friends to celebrate the end of results...we went out to eat a lot. Wagamama was probably one of my favourites.
2012-02-06 14.57.47

I was lucky enough to be able to watch the Athletics at the London 2012 Olympic Games! One of my Mum's friends works at a company involved with the Games and was able to score us free tickets. We saw the morning athletics, including the men's 200 metre sprint heats - which featured Usain Bolt! Slightly in love with that man.
2012-08-07 11.16.51

Interesting entertainment outside the stadium!
2012-08-07 12.46.51

 Gold Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition up the Brecon Beacons. Seriously hard.
2012-07-07 20.50.22
2012-07-07 20.50.14
2012-07-07 20.50.05

Back to work at the library! My college was one of the earliest in the area to go back. Typical. Latest to break up, earliest to start term again...
2012-04-10 13.31.20
2012-04-10 11.04.50
Squirrel in the bin. Not sure why I found this so amusing.

I'll endeavour to update far more regularly now things have calmed down somewhat. To be a good doctor, I'll need good time management skills, and where better to start but here?

(If you made it all the way to the end, please award yourself an e-medal)

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