Posted by on Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back to school in like 10 hours. Not impressed, not impressed at all. This means an end to a summer of Korean Pop Music, parties and basically doing jack all and a return to exams, little/none nail polish and uniform.


So the plan for tommorow morning is:

Have nails painted in a almost there but not quite french manner. We now have a new head of year, and she's female and has already warned us to expect crackdowns on makeup, nails, dyed hair and skirt length. The first three apply to me lol :P So makeup will probably either be black eyeshadow + blue eyeliner or dark purple eyeshadow (probably the MUA one, I'm in love with it at the moment) or matte green and gold. Clear lipgloss. Nail polish will be a french with maybe a little Konad for colour. I need to see what I can get away with lol :P Anyone else out there going back to school tommorow? Let us know :P


  1. Ha. I went back on Wednesday. My Post 16 start in today though. Better get going. Good luck, everyone!


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