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Mermaid starfish mermaid starfish. Only the one on my thumb hasn't got a bikini top on :) Cheeky.
No, in all seriousness I just forgot. And then I remembered, and I put two blobs of nail polish on the one that you see above ^ but quite frankly the damage had been done. MWAHAHAHA.

And yes, my black mermaids do have long blonde hair. Don't ask me to explain myself because I can't :P Ever done something and thought, "Nah, screw it, can't be bothered to fix it?" Let us know :)


  1. That yellow starfish looks very realistic. Why wouldn't black mermaids have blonde hair? Coz mermaids don't even EXIST. So they can do what they like.

  2. Lol thank you jaljen! Eh what? Mermaids don't exist? That's like saying Santa doesn't exist, of course they do ;)

  3. These look amazing!Suit the season! :D

  4. lol oh gosh you are funny..love this mani.. haha i don't think if i was a mermaid i could pull off the blonde hair.. though.. maybe beyonce.. haha

  5. http://nailpolishuk.blogspot.com/2010/08/sally-hansen-forsythia-and-love-to.html

    Lena, just tagged you.

  6. Lol neither do I pretty! But thanks for the comment! And yeah Beyonce looks awesome in blonde :P There are definately some girls that can rock it, but I don't think I could :P

    Thanks so much jaljen! Much appreciated.

  7. Thsi is a very cute mani! I love freehand manis!


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