Yet More Sellotape

Posted by on Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's back...

This is all Barry M Nail Paints (I seem to be using these a lot lately. *shrugs*) From the bottom - Bright Purple, Cyan Blue, Spring Green. What I did with this was to put a smallish strip of sellotape on the nail after I'd put a basecoat on then just paint around it, peel it off and paint on the bare nail left behind. Cyan Blue was good for that because it's pretty much opaque with one coat so I didn't need to go over it and run the risk of screwing everything up :D

Oh man, I love the summer holidays. Even though it's been raining non-stop for most of it. Pah.
How have your holidays been?


  1. Good holidays but over too soon. I go back on the 1st and that ought to be illegal. Dammit you have such shiny nails and how you keep those lines sharp is a mystery to me....

  2. love the simplicity of this mani! oh! i tagged you here : hope you dont mind. :D

  3. jaljen: Urgh, too true. The 1st? That's just...makes no sense. When I'm prime minister I'll sort that out. No one goes back to school until October lol :P And thanks for the compliments *blushes* :P

    xnosugaraddedx: Aww, thanks so much! Thanks for the tag too! I'll check it out when I have time :)

  4. ooh i like this.. need to find that cellotape stuff.. summer ends today... class starts tommorow.


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