Candy stripes

Posted by on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perhaps this would have been better done closer to Christmas? It reminds me of candy canes and the like. Still, with the Studio Christmas catalog that dropped through our door earlier this week and all this talk of Christmas collections for big makeup brands am I really that far off? :P It does kind of annoy me though, the fact that companies feel the need to start priming us for Christmas when it's still summer. Supposedly. Suckish weather for the win, right?

So anyway this is the generic hot pink of awesome and a white nail art pen. What's on the middle finger, you ask? What a good question. Guess. Go on, I dare you. The brand name begins with B and ends in M. And the colours are Cyan Blue, Spring Green and Bright Purple...yeah, you got me. *flaggellates self*


  1. it does look like candy! i like christmas time... and halloween too... i plan for them in summer...i already have my idea for my halloween costume..i just need to make it.. and i have some christams mani ideas already.. lol


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