Pink/Green leopard print.

Posted by on Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is Barry M's Mint Green (you guys must think they're sponsoring me lol, they're not :P) with that awesome generic hot pink splodged somewhat halfhazardly over the surface. It doesn't look hot in this picture but it is way more awesome in real life. I quite like leopard prints and zebra prints because it's quite difficult to go wrong with them, even when you're using your non-dominant hand (which is, in this case, my left trying to paint my right). You simply dab the brush on the nail polish and paint around it with a different colour using a striper or a toothpick.
I'm thinking this would make an interesting pedicure. Hmm. Has anyone out there done anything similar? I know there is a Konad plate with a similar effect, has anyone used that? Let us know.



  1. This is such a cute look :-) I love leopard easy and can do it all sorts of cool clashing colours :-)

    Hope you got on with your results hunny


  2. Thanks so much Rebekah! Yeah Leopard print is awesome :P

    Thanks Lily nail!


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