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Posted by on Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Yesssss. I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous beast.

The outer packaging is just gorgeous. It was cardboard this time, too - easier to open. 

The actual palette. Notice how it's red, whereas all the previous incarnations, bar one, have been black. I personally like the change. It's cute :D
The palette in all it's bright glory. It's slightly more wearable than the Acid one but seeing as I wear the Acid one to school then wearability really isn't an issue for me :D
The very first shade, the red, looks very light in this photo but in real life it isn't. In fact, all the colours look slightly washed out. Poo. They're more vivid in real life.
This is the first row. All the shades came out pretty well, as you can see, though the white was a bit pants (not that I use it anyway, but anyone that would use a white should take note). I found that applying the red to my eyes wasn't as easy as with another matte red that I own. It was a tad chalky and I had to pack the colour on to get it to stop looking patchy.
The black in this one is scarily pigmented, no lies. What you see above was one dry swatch with my finger. Terrifying. Truly, truly terrifying. Nice one Sleek :D Also, I found that the orange in this one was much improved from the Acid incarnation - not only a warmer, prettier colour, but way easier to work with, too. I've heard complaints about the pigmentation of the lilac but I think it's not bad at all. Perhaps it's a different story when you apply it to your eyes - I wouldn't wear the lilac except as perhaps a liner or something, it's too light for me. But when I swatched it, it seemed fine.

All in all, for just £5.99 you get some seriously cracking shades. If you want this palette, though, it's limited edition so you'd better hurry.

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  1. Though the texture of some e/s (espec the white one) ins't perfect, I love this palette. I'd wish Sleek would print the lovely design/pattern on the plastic packaging instead of the boxes. I normally throw them away as I hate it to waste my time with unpacking in the early mornings. :-)
    Thanks for your detailed review, by the way!


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