You try going to sleep with hoards of tweenagers in the house.

Posted by on Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Aha. My younger sister is having a sleepover, which means I (as the oldest, naturally) must stay downstairs to turn off the alarm once they've finished playing their inane games. Meh. Lol it's nearly 2:00 am and I'm just watching Korean pop videos and stalking other people's blogs, go figure. So anyway. I has a post for you!

So I had on Shade 1 (Superdrug's MUA range) which is a blackened blue with a lit from within quality. Completely gorgeous, but I get bored of my colours soooooooooooooo easily. Short attention span, I know. So I decided to get one of my generic sheer pinky nail polish thingys and layer it on top. Kinda cool effect, non?

I love the way the light bounces off the shimmer in it. Anyway. So what time is it currently where you are? I hope it's not quite as absurd as this :P


  1. cute color!!! too bad about being up! bahh that sounds like no fun. my dad is the same with his ghanaian friend.. they come over.. and are reaaaally loud! drinking... etc... i stay in my room.. sucks..can't wait to move out, when I get out of school! It's 6pm over here... blah.. have fun stalking blogs..i love blogs.. any korean stories u recommend? I heard they are full of

  2. You got a good effect there! Who would have thought the blackened blue + pink made olive-pewter-grey?

  3. Pretty: Lol thanks :P Ah, you too! Lol yeah parents always seem to be really loud when they have friends from their country over, I know mine are :P I heard that Korean Dramas are completely over the top too! I haven't watched any the moment I watch Variety pograms because they are completely ridic. and we have nothing like them in the west :P Thanks for your comment!

    jaljen: I know right? I expected it to turn out slightly goldish or something, but I quite like the effect this one made. Thanks for your comment!


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