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Posted by on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You see how that rhymes? Cool, no?

*is chuffed with self*
What? My titles rarely have catchy names. :P

So I purchased from both Jenni's and Ann's blog sales (like, within a day of each other) and the items came on like the same day. It was well cool. I felt like a beast.
I think Jenni's is still going on, so do check it out. She had 58 polishes up for grabs, so I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone. Prices are very reasonable!

Look at the gorgeous polishes!
Essie "Bermuda Shorts", American Apparel "Hunter" and "Passport Blue".

Thanks sooo much Jenni, much appreciated :)

I also got two NYX Jumbo Pencils (Milk and Black Bean) from Ann's sale.

Thanks Ann! Again, appreciate it lots :)

And yes, I am wearing Essie "Bermuda Shorts" in that picture. Couldn't wait :P I've had it as a full manicure for two days now, it's glorious. Glorious. Wonderous. Magnificent. Insert superlative of choice, ad nauseum. It's so good I want to track down the rest of this collection.

Await swatches. *salute*

If you've got a minute, would you mind popping over here and giving me a quick vote? The contest ends on the 20th! :) Which is like, today. So if you could get a last minute vote in, I'd be really grateful!

What gems have you picked up from blog sales?


  1. It looks like a mix between Barry M Pink Flamingo & Barielle Daring Dahlia! I love it - it's very summery!

  2. I am soooo jealous, those are my two biggest AA lemmings and I've been looking everywhere for those NYX pencils. You lucky lucky duck.

  3. It's really summery, 25LONDON. I need to get more colours like it, I'm hooked :P

    @ChaosButterfly: I'm seriously seriously lucky! Where do you buy NYX in the US? Or is it hard to get?

  4. I LOVE Bermuda Shorts!!! I got it on holiday last year and thats what it reminds me of! :)

  5. I love it too, JadeyLou (rhyme!) Nice that it's tied to a pleasant memory for you :)


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