Nivea "Soft Rose" Lip Balm

Posted by on Monday, April 18, 2011

You see that accent on the "rose"? That's European, that is. That's cool.

I feel like such a cool kid when I'm toting this around, not going to lie. It's like, European. Continental. A little bit of exoticism in my pocket.
*cheesy grin*
Tragic Superdrug balm trying to be as suave as Miss Labello, and failing.

I got this for the bargain price of a quid at Poundland, so I wasn't expecting my holy grail lipbalm, but this is perfectly adequate, and the shape is cute. It's apparantly meant to smell like roses and jojoba oil - at least, that's what it states on the packet. I sort of smell the roses, but I'm not really sure what jojoba oil is meant to smell like :/ Can't comment on that aspect of it.
It's not terribly moisturising, but it doesn't dry them out as such. I like the little hint of pink that it gives my lips. It's very subtle, but it's still there. I think this would work better on a lighter skinned person with cooler undertones, though.
Naked lips:
Nivea'd lips:
No frost is good frost.

It was actually really interesting reading the opinions of readers who have easy access to Labello/Nivea and the like. The general consensus seems to be that it's good, but not the best, and I agree with that. It's an average lip balm, doesn't feel too waxy on the lips, doesn't moisturise well but not horrendously, and I like the colour. Plus I can pretend I'm French or Dutch or something. Tres bon!
(I left out the accents because I can't type them I'm cool like that)

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  1. Pretty. And what does jojoba smell of? Nothing. Probably.

  2. I actually love this stuff, but I have it in the blue one (kiss of moisture) though. I thought it does a great job of moisturizing without a greasy waxy feeling, better than most anyway. Maybe the pink one is for show, lol

  3. Wouldn't be surprised if it was (for show), loodie. Not complaining, though. I'm all about the looks ;)
    The thing is though, I have really, REALLY dry lips. They dry out like a contact lense mistakenly left out on your bathroom counter (even though I was sad I'd wasted one, it was pretty damn cool to play with for a bit) so what constitutes adequately moisturising for most people is like a drop of salt water in a desert for me :P

  4. I'm never keen on lipbalms with frost since I had a mishap with a shade similar to this. Didn't realise it was as frosty as it was & kept applying it. Had a picture taken of me with flash & I suddenly had Facebook white lips D:

    I do like Nivea Milk & Honey though!

    & sadly/maybe it's encouraging to know, I also got into a craze of wanting to find Labello - so much so that when I visited Berlin/Paris/Rome & Amsterdam, I kept going into pharmacies to find them. It got quite irritating that I could only find the original blue tube (no thanks, I want fruity flavours) especially for those that were with me. I'm surprised I wasn't left behind. I'll find Labello one day!

  5. Ouch, 25LONDON. I can sympathise - with the lipbalm I purchased previously, I too had overly frosty white lips :P

    I need to try this Milk and Honey version! Hope it smells nice, I'm not that keen on Honey smell, lol.

    Way! Glad I'm not the only one driven to distraction by this magical, foreign lipbalm :P The fruity flavours look th best, I saw a blogger review Pomegranate and it looked lovely.

  6. Have to say this one looks a lot better than the other one you tried!

    Oh and I got so tired of not being able to do the accent a while back I looked in to it, you hold the e key at the same time as pressing ALT GR :) rosé. It may have been for the wine spelling I wanted to know it but still lol!

  7. Hello, I have pretty dry lips as well but
    *choir of angels*
    "Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm"...
    has saved my lips from the deprivation of the much needed T.L.C (not the band, that would be weird) it needs.

    By the way, I'm a fair skinned black girl

  8. It really does, Enigma! And thanks for that tip! I've been using it all the timé, now :L Lol!

    Ooh, JoJo. I tried that one, and it really made my lips tingle at the edges after a while - not in a good way. I repurchased it twice but eventually admitted defeat. At the moment, I'm liking Miners Lip Tint but that's probably hard to get if you're not in the UK.

  9. OMG! Your lips are SOOOOO dark as hell! creepy! :S

  10. I actually grabbed one of these in an Italian supermarket earlier this summer. I didn't realize the it was actually Nivea until about a month later (having purchased it under the brand name Labello), when I saw someone walking around with one which had the exact same tube design, but a different name. I thought it was European, too. I agree that frosty is not a great look on everyone (myself included), and I was actually disappointed by the lack of flavor and extraordinarily light amount of color you get from the product...Carmex Moisture Plus is a good alternative if you want more pigment and don't mind a sort of medicine-y scent.

  11. OK, Anonymous...

    I know what you mean, Kate! It's quite strange, I don't get why they don't just unify the branding everywhere it's sold :/ Thank you for the Carmex recommendation. I have been considering them as I've seen them around (mainly in like Afro Carribean beauty stores but you can buy them online). They're a little more pricey than the Nivea but seem to offer more benefits.

  12. I bought it in a 99p store thinking that it was going to be as good as the fruity shine lip balms of Nivea and I was completely wrong! I didn't like the texture, that is too thick, and it makes it hard to apply, and although I'm light skinned, it looks like absolutely nothing on my lips, so I use it just at night before going to bed. It has no comparison to Fruity shine lip balms, or the wonderful Baby lips (Have you tried the Sweet apple colour of the collection Winter Delight? It's just marvellous!) I would definetely not buy again Nivea soft rosé.

  13. Really Paulina? Haha that's so weird, I haven't tried the fruity shine (very keen to though) but I found this just thick enough - actually, the Baby Lips is a little to thin for me! I've tried the Sweet Peach and one other pink colour of the Baby lips and I liked them but probably wouldn't buy again. Is the formulation of the Winter Delight any different?


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