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I was/am on the hunt for tinted lip balms. I was gutted when I realised that we can't get Labello over here. All the European bloggers and the Asian bloggers and basically everyone but jolly old England has been frolicking amongst tubes and tubes of the stuff, in all these exotic flavours, and over here we have zilch. Nada. Aside from Superdrug's own brand which is poor to say the least.

Then I twigged that Nivea was pretty much the same thing under a slightly different name so I've taken to collecting these and pretending they're Labellos.

Yes, I am sad.

I got this in "Soft Rose". I know they had the Milk and Honey version in Superdrug but when I made my way down to Poundland I noticed that it was there, so I bought it. Cheaper. I'll do proper standalone reviews later on when I've had a chance to really roadtest these (bought them at the weekend) but yeah, so far I'm really enjoying this and am now even more jealous of you lovely Euro bloggers. Argh.
*strokes fake Labello in a somewhat creepy manner.*

Superdrug's imitation is tragic. Rant to follow. At least it was only 99p. 


  1. Nivea Lipcare is the same thing as Labello, you don't have to pretend :D .

    I must say I disagree, very much so, with people who like Labello.
    a. doesn't moisturise my lips and
    b. dries them out :/ .
    Pretty much the opposite of what you'd want from a lip balm. It takes a lot of swipes to apply and then it just sits on top of lips, drying them out.

    They do have lovely scents, I was a fan of the discontinued Green Apple and the still-present Cherry, but... I found that I can have the same flavours with better texture and great moisturization (by a local company) for less than a quarter of the price (Nivea is imported, so it's a bit more expensive around here).

    I do hope it works for you (maybe they ever reformulate for different countries?).

  2. I live in Holland but i don't prefer Labello's :p But aren't you able to swap some labellos with an europian (me.. haha) for some idk uk stuff?

    I just read on your blog that make up and all that stuff is banned on your school... sounds horrible to me :o

  3. Woah, does it really, Ana? I've found that it's not incredibly moisturising, but it definitely doesn't dry them out. But if it had that effect on you, that sucks.

    Would you mind linking me to this local company? Is there anyway I can order online?

    Thank you for your comment, I've learnt from it.

    @Avery: If you're interested, drop me an email!

    Yeah, makeup is NOT ALLOWED at my school and bitchy teachers can and will make you take it off...I have my ways though :P I don't even get why my school is that strict about it, it's not like the grades are that good :P

  4. There are two companies: one doesn't have a website and the other one is here:

    As I said, they're a local company and, as you can see by the site, not very Internet-oriented :D (or " :( ", since I'd really like it if our companies payed more attention to their internet presence).
    (And I must say that even though I like their balms and they do work for me better than Nivea/Labello, they wouldn't be worth the hassle of ordering over the net and paying for shipping and import. I bet you could find some equally good ones, and better, localy :) .)

  5. I see :P I had a look round the site, but I don't speak Dutch! Oh dear :P

    Thanks for the links anyway, Ana, and for checking back! If you have a blog and you've reviewed these, mind giving me the link? It's probably ultimately pointless anyway because I can't have them (not unless I did a swap, lol) but it's interesting to see!

    I think our local lip balm selection is kinda poor, but it depends where you're looking. I know that over the internet, like on Etsy, you can get some good lipbalms, all natural and that, for a cheap price. When I have some spare cash, I'll buy some and review them!

  6. Really?
    I've always thought of UK as a shopping heaven, lipbalms included XD .

    Nah, I don't have a blog, but if I start one, I'll be sure to review them - I was a lipbalm junkie for a while (my favourite lipbalm of all time is Body Basics' Apple and Melon one:
    And, as a former lipbalm junkie, I look forward to those reviews :D .

  7. I bet all the good lipbalms are hiding, I can't see them in my stores :( The problem with beauty blogs is that all the other countries seem to have nicer stuff than you! So I'm sitting here like, "Urgh, wish the UK had a Sephora/Inglot/Essence/an Urban Decay webstore" and then there is inevitably someone else going, "Urgh, I wish my country had Boots/Primark/Illamasqua!"

    If you do start a blog, TELL ME FIRST. And then I'll promote it, because I think that any blog you'd start would be amazing :P


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