Barry M. M for Middleton.

Posted by on Saturday, April 30, 2011

I kid, I kid. Thought I'd try and sneak the Royal Wedding in there somewhere.

It's taken me a lengthy amount of time but I've finally looked at the Barry M kit, the one that they were giving away free with The Sun Buzz. Why is this relevent to you guys? The promotion ended a long time ago. Well. I have another kit, to give away (with some other goodies, of course) when I reach 300 followers. Which I am only two followers away from! Yey! Thank you!


It consists of a lip gloss, an eye pencil, and a nail polish. I was most interested in the nail polish, not even going to pretend. It's a rather unique colour.

Wow, that was heavy on pictures.

Under artificial light, this polish appears almost terracotta - it reminds me of flower pots. I don't really like it when it's that colour. Under natural light, this turns into a gorgeous tea rose-esque colour. I love it.
Three coats, the formula was rather decent. They should make this one permanent, just because it's so unique.

The colour of the lipgloss is just completely, one hundred percent, no no no no no WRONG on me! Looks gorgeous on lighter skinned beauties. Just not on me. I was watching a Nigerian TV channel the other day and the presenter had on the most ridiculous, baby pink lipgloss/lipstick hybrid. It was so badly applied it made the left side of her top lip look rectangular. I was like, "What are you DOING? Get off the air. No wait, get out of the country. You deserve to have your passport revoked for crimes against cosmetics. Urgh."

It's a shame though, because I find this gloss really moisturising. I don't need a balm underneath or anything, and it makes my lips feel really soft. It's scented with this sweet taste that I can't place - not unpleasant, but these things differ amongst people. I find if I use this really, really sparingly, it just lightens my lips a little and I can get the moisturising benefit without the stupid lip colour. I'll be looking out for this gloss, in a different shade.

The kohl is bog standard. I like it because it's in an actual pencil and not a plastic surround. Quite hard, but you waste less when you sharpen it so it evens out?


  1. Oo, hurry up the 300th! I love the polish!

  2. WOW. Just gained three followers in quick sucession. More excited than ever for the giveaway!

  3. That's such a safe and wearable nail polish shade. I like it on your nails. Lovely! :)

  4. It is, isn't it Witoxicity? I think it'd suit a wide range of people/skin tones. Thanks for your comment :)


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