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Posted by on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've said it on the other post, but I'll reiterate here: the response from you guys was AWESOME. Thank you everyone that helped me make up my mind as to what design to put forward! I really appreciate it.

So, the candy design was chosen by popular demand:
In case people were wondering, that's a macaron on top of the thumb :P

And this was the design that received fewer votes:
 It's actually really easily created with Fimo and some rhinestones. I keep saying that I'll do a decoden tutorial. I must!

If you're still reading, I'd really appreciate your votes in the contest. You can vote once a day for your favourite entry (great if you've got more than one). You can vote for mine here, if you want. 
Alternatively, feel free to click the picture below, and it'll take you to the Bundle Monster Facebook page so you can have a bit of a browse before deciding on your favourite.

Like I said, if any of you do decide to vote for my design, I'd really appreciate it! The voting period is from the 13th (today) to the 20th - one week!

If you guys decided to enter, feel free to leave your links on this comment and I'll vote for your designs. Always curious to see what my readers are up to. O_o


  1. Oooh the one with the little chocolate bar on it looks so cute and edible! x

  2. Ooooh, your entry is sooooo cute and delicious-looking! I tried to vote, my dear, but oops, I'm not on Facebook. :(

  3. I like your entry the most, by far! & the Candy Shop one is my favourite out of your designs. Especially the melted chocolate tip!

  4. Thank you anyway, Witoxicity! I appreciate it :P

    Thank you, 25LONDON! :)


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