Essie "Bermuda Shorts"

Posted by on Friday, April 29, 2011

Perfect way to kick off the weekend. Not that I'm doing anything more interesting than revision, but still. It pleases me to look at my fingers while I type :D

Bermuda Shorts is touted as neon. I think it's close but not quite as eye searingly bright as I would expect from a neon nail polish. I think my skintone has something to do with that, though. On someone with lighter skin, the contrast would be more striking. It does dry matte, however, so there is some truth in that claim.

I don't actually like this polish matte at all! It chips easily and just looks odd, to my eyes. Observe:



This went on so easily! No cuticle flooding or any of that nonsense. The formula was pretty much perfect. I liked the fact that it dried matte because that meant that it dried very quickly and it was obvious when it was dry, so I could apply another coat without the risk of bubbling.

Top coat makes it so pretty and shiny!
There is some visible nail line here. I did three coats on each, whereas above (matte) had like five. I'd usually refuse to do more than three, but the colour was gorgeous and application was good. Even with the large number of coats, it still dried well, so I'm pretty impressed.

I picked this up from a blog sale. Essie polishes are kinda pricey in the UK, but blog sales are a great option for overseas brands at a slightly cheaper price.

This was my first Essie polish! A pretty good introduction to a brand. Now if only they'd make their polishes widely available here, like ORLY...


  1. This is one of my favourite polishes! It's a pretty colour and due to its super fast drying time it's great to throw on when I'm in a hurry. Whenever I feel lazy this is my go-to polish :) xxx

  2. It's great, Gemx. I love polishes that dry quickly! Good to hear that you've had a good experience with it as well. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I really kinda like the matte effect!! :) x

  4. Isn't it, carissakuo? It's girly while still edgy at the same time!

    Really, Hannah? I like matte polishes, but I think they look better darker! Like a matte grey or something.

    Thanks, Bluewinx15!

  5. I think it looks lovely! And I think its a lovely colour against your skin tone :D x


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