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Posted by on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contests and that first, before I send you all to sleep!

Over at Moments like Diamonds, Sara is holding a spring themed nail art contest. Prizes include a seriously pretty Nicole by OPI polish. It looks like metal in the bottle - so cool.

Bundle Monster are currently holding a nail art competition on their Facebook page. There will be twenty five winners who will each recieve a set of their new stamping plates. To enter, you have to create a design using some Bundle Monster products, and then I think voting commences April the 13th? If any of you are entering, please leave your link so we can check it out! If we can vote multiple times I'll vote for blog readers that comment here.

I was planning on entering, but I'm not really sure of the design I'm planning to do...I did this, but now I want to go more of a gothic route (and take out the sweets, of course) perhaps utilise more black. So I'm not entirely certain. What do you guys think of this one? Would you vote for it? (You can only enter once, which is why I'm stuck as to which to choose)

BeautyUK are offering 20% off on their website when you use the code SUGAR2011  to celebrate the launch of their new range. I'm personally looking at the baked eyeshadows and blushers, maybe at the lipsticks if they have anything I could wear to school. You can use it as many times as you like (obviously, one per transaction!) and this promo lasts until 15th of June, so there isn't too much of a rush! Glad that they gave me time to get some cash together, I have lots of things that I want to purchase.

Sleek have finally made good on their promise (six months later) and have been distributing the 50% off codes. WOOT. I recieved mine a couple of days ago and decided that since they did eventually do what they said they would, I'd give the brand another chance. So I spent all the money I'd saved up for circle lenses...on Sleek products. *facepalm*. Oh, and then some. Total came to like £63, sans discount, and I didn't even get everything I wanted as I had to cut down somewhat and then the website didn't have some things in stock. Like the Perfect Plum Pout Polish. ARGH. I wanted that colour so badly. *sniff*. I neeeeed it.
That and concealer in my shade and some lipsticks I wanted. Not to mention the distinct lack of online/accurate swatches for many of the products that I wanted but couldn't buy in store. Urgh. Anyway, that's another post. If you tried to order in the sale, have you recieved your code yet? Let us know. Also, if Superdrug decide to do another 3 for 2 on cosmetics (or, you know, just Sleek) do give us a heads up because there is still loadssss I want to get now I've cooled down on my pissed off with the company period.

MUA (MakeUp Acadamey at Superdrug) have a Facebook! Weirdly, there's no sign of a Twitter yet, but they've been running promos and stuff on their Facebook page and seem to want to connect with the blogging community. Check them out, if you want. There are rumours of a new professional line floating about...

This isn't beauty related at all, but there are four or five really, really irriating Year Ten boys that shout "Hey honey!" or "Bye, baby!" at us whenever they see us. What should I do, aside from smacking one in the face?



  1. Your best option with the boys is definitely just to ignore them! This happened to me, but I acted as if I don't care, so they eventually got bored and stopped. Don't give them the attention (or, the slap from your clean hand on their dirty faces) they're looking for, they'll just annoy you more because they know you're letting it get to you! Ignore hun, juuust ignore! ;) Also, chances are that if one particular boy doesn't tease you, that boy likes one of you and his friends are teasing HIM, not you! :)

    By the way, do you have Twitter? Shout out to me @glamadazzle and I'll follow you! :)

  2. Ignore. They are not worth even the glimpse of a contemptuous stare.

    Can't give you an answer on the mani until I've seen the alternative.

    I have one big issue with the mani. The little finger design doesn't really mesh with the confectionery theme. And maybe stick a red rhinestone over the cupcake as a 'cherry'? Too obvious probably...

  3. OMG MAD NAIL ART, people actually pay 50$ for this design, including me, you're so talented, this is AMAZING

  4. This is such a fun mani
    GOOD JOB! ^_^

  5. I really like it, it looks yummy! I think you chose good back ground colors, they go well with the sweets, but if you want to go more Gothic, go for it! I think this is great tho! Good Luck :)

  6. Super COOL! Enter! Where did you get the nail art from?? Please tell me!!!

  7. Thanks for your advice, Rizzie! Yeah, I think I'll do that.
    I do have twitter! I'm following you, I'll tweet you sometime but it's @SeptemberLena

    I've finished the alternative, Jaljen, I just haven't posted it up yet. Do let us know which you prefer when I get round to it! Thanks for your suggestions, as well!

    Wow, thanks so much, Anna! Means a lot :) *blushes*

    Thanks so much, FOREVER '92! <3

    Thank you very much, Lenae! I'll put the second option up soon. Please do tell your opinion on the two!

    Thanks, Simple Beauty! I bought the nail art moulds from eBay (if you just search that, plenty of different options come up) and then I filled them with Fimo clay and baked them!

  8. WOW! That's dope! How much do you charge to create them? I would like to order some from you.

  9. What, do you mean the little Fimo shapes, Simple Beauty? Lol, if you email me, we can work something out, but it won't be much since they're cheap to make :P


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