Nail Trend "The V Gap"

Posted by on Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I find the name somewhat questionable, but hey, that's how the article addressed it...meh. What can you do? Anyway,  I discovered this new nail trend online. It reminds me slightly of a crackle manicure, but you can do it with any polish, not just a specified crackling one.

It seems like the technician in the photo used special tools to create that look but I found that it's actually surprisingly simple to recreate the idea armed with just a bog standard nail polish brush. Using No7 nail polishes in "Berrylicious" and "Beautiful Black", I did a quick interpretation of it below.




Apologies for the poor quality pictures - I have no idea what was going on, but I just /could not/ photograph this without the blurriness. Adjusted the lights and everything. I think it was just one of those days :(

For my other hand, I reversed the polish order, so instead of pink on black, it became black on pink.


 What do you guys think? I'm not sure I'd make it into a regular thing but it's pretty interesting and a talking point. Now, if someone could tweak the name slightly...


  1. The V Gap? If they say so, I guess. I'd call it The Ladybug. :)

  2. You could draw criss-crosses across the gap and make it into corset nail art! Looks cute.

  3. Not too sure what you mean by a V gap, but they sure look pretty as ladybugs!

  4. That's quite an interesting trend! I do like Robyn's idea though about making it into a corset. :)

  5. Very pretty, I love the two colours together :)

  6. That's a pretty good name, KarenD. I prefer it to the original, lol.

    Good idea, Robyn! I should try that, it'd look pretty cool :P

    Thanks for your comment, Cheryl! Yeah I think you and Karen D have good ideas, it makes me think of a ladybird as well...

    I like it too, Witoxicity! I wonder if it'll take off or if it'll be relegated to catwalk only status forever.

    Thanks, Gemx! I quite like pink and black together. There's something kinda Hello Kitty about it which appeals to me.

  7. I'd call it the butt crack! It's hideous! O.O

  8. Lol, anonymous! That might actually make a good idea for a nail art design...*ponders*


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