Massive Sales/Promotion Round Up (UK Only, sorry)

Posted by on Saturday, March 05, 2011

 I had a major hauling session today and thought I should do a quick write up about all the beauty bargains to be had, as there were /loads/. I swear some shops just have a permanent promotion on? Not that I'm complaining...I purchased loads of No7 with full intention of returning for more, not even going to lie.

For some reason Boots is doing about a million promotions at once. Not only can you do the whole "Spend £5 in store, get a £5 voucher off No7 products" that they do quite often, there's also 3 for 2 on No7 Cosmetics and Skincare. And they're giving away free eyeshadow palettes with the Exquisite Curl mascara, but they're the exact same as the ones that were offered with the Exceptional Definition mascara. Same colours, same organisation, same brush. So, if like me (well, my mum, but same thing) you already own the palette, it's probably not worth going to buy the new mascara purely because of the gift because it's nothing new. Especially as it's promotional period of being sold for £10 has now ended and it's back up to £13...

They're also doing 3 for 2 on Models Own, and 2 for £5 on Barry M Nail Paints. Ordinarily that'd cost you slightly less than £6 for two, so it's a good deal, but to make it an even better deal I'd make one of the purchases the new Crackle polish, which is more expensive than the regular line and thus makes your saving even larger. I tried to do this today, but my Boots was completely sold out of it - not even in the drawers. Poo.
 This also includes:
Free gifts on selected Max Factor...I can't even be bothered listing them all now. There were probably more but I was only looking at the cheaper makeup lines.

You can choose from a selection of 12 Clinique products in this months issue of Glamour Magazine. Nothing is really calling to me but possibly the lipstick? If you were to buy all 12 different issues you'd spend £24 on all of the different products which is quite a saving, yes? I don't really know, I'm not familiar with their pricing :P Anyway, Glamour is £2.

Certain BeautyUK products are reduced half price at Superdrug, including the Metallic Eye Sparks, but it appears that the nail polishes have gone up to £1.99? I swear I remember them being £1.79.

Superdrug is doing half price on selected NYC, three for two on Carmex, a free Kohl pencil on selected Barry M (if you purchase two, I think) three for two on selected Revlon and L'Oreal and they've reduced a Bourjois mascara? Clubbing Mascara in "Ultra Black" apparantly.
Talking about Barry M, did anyone manage to score any when they did their joint promo with the Sun back in February? I picked up five copies of that magazine (only there was no magazine in two of them, poo) and went to three different Superdrugs the day after to be told that I should just phone a number and that they'd sold out. I then had to pay postage to send these coupons to them and possibly recieve a product in time for next Christmas or something. Jeez. You fail, Sun Magazine -.-

In non beauty related promos, Debenhams is doing some sort of storewide 20% off and Primark has plimpsolls in for like £2.50? Bargain much? I bought two.


  1. Thanks for the tips :o) I think it's time I go shopping :o)

  2. Thanks I am tempted! Is the Barry M effects the black one? I hope they will be doing different colours soon. I am after the NYC top coat.

    I got one voucher and went in to superdrug and got the free Barry M stuff. Only really wanted a free polish.

  3. No problem, Hannah. It does seem like quite a good time to go shopping :P

    Yeah, Enigma, it's the black one. It seems to have been /wildly/ popular, Barry M should definitely do it in more colours. I, for one, would love to see a white and maybe a pink?
    Buy the NYC top coat - I've managed to convince my Mum to get it as well. It's very good ;P
    I like the colour of the nail polish too, and I think I'd use the eye kohl but not the lip gloss, it's an odd colour :P

    Thanks for your comments, both of you!

  4. Hello there, I just found your blog after reading your comment on Bicky's blog Tastes like glitter. I look forward to reading more posts. I love Barry M products, esp their dazzle dusts and nail varnish so to have offers on them is always great! 2 for £5 on the nail varnish is great :-) xx

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for your comment, Nicole! That's pretty cool. I'm following you back :)


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