What's In My Bag? Performance Edition

Posted by on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was our last performance of West Side Story and since I've not updated much during this week I thought I'd show you guys what I have been taking to school for the performances, cosmetic wise.
The short answer is "too much".


Thought I'd take a couple of vanity shots before getting onto the actual matter at hand.

So here is everything contained within that little bag:

For real. To make it less assaulting, visually, I grouped the products by function.
Lip products! I took the Active Cosmetics Eye/Lip palette, for the days when I wanted a brighter lip and a natural eye, two Bobbypin lip glosses (really really pigmented, but also unreasonably sticky. And drying) a Rituals lip gloss (wore this on the last day, under really bright light the shimmer made my lips look blue and earned me some questioning looks from my Music teacher) the Miners Tin o' Tint and Palmer's Moisturising Lip Balm. Yeah. All that over four days. I didn't even wear the nude gloss...
Oh, and I have no idea how the No7 eyeliner made it's way into this photo.
Both of these are blush brushes but I use the pink handled one to apply powder as well. The black one is by :things: and the pink one comes in one of those sets that Bobbypin do at Christmas.
The No7 eyeliner was meant to be here, but went to go and hang with the lip colours instead. Fine.
This is the Elizabeth Arden mascara and Urban Decay's "Zero" eyeliner. I don't like the mascara but I'll keep using it until it's finished as it was expensive. Nothing but praise for Zero, and I really like the No7 powder eyeliner - pity that it was limited edition. I find it's great for a smoky eye, or for precise lining of the lower lash line.
Fragrance wise, we have Boots Natural Collection Body Spray in "Vanilla" and Ted Baker's Bodywear body spray. As you can see, the Natural Collection spray has been quite well loved. I do dig the smell and it was only £2 or so, for 250ml - bargain, much? I like them both, but the Natural Collection one only lasts for about twenty minutes before the smell is undetectable. I find the Bodywear spray is quite unique and I'll be repurchasing when it runs out.
I used Chit Chat Pressed Powder on the T-Zone, as it got seriously hot in that hall (and I almost never feel it's too hot. I love heat, lol) and the school had photographers so naturally I didn't want to look like a shiny freak. I've already been told that I look really miserable when I play the violin (probably true) so why would I add to that visual with a sweaty face?
I only wore the Sleek blush once (I think on Wednesday?). It's "Scandalous" from their Valentine's Day collection. On the other days I wore my pink blush that just won't die.
I have a friend in the orchestra who is equally obsessed with nail polish, so when I wore "Totally Teal" (Boots No7)  I brought the bottle along so we could paint our nails together. I wore this for the first two nights of the show's run, and on the last two I wore Nails Inc "Lowndes Square". Both were sealed with the NYC top coat, which I rave about so much I convinced my Mum to buy a bottle.
Finally, I had the random things that didn't fit in a category. The "Comfort Drops" were purchased from Specsavers. They're good for contact lenses, which I've been wearing for the performances as I hate having my photo taken with glasses on. The red thing in the middle is rosin (for the bow of the violin) and there's also paracetamol, because someone always needs it. This wisdom can be applied to real life, as well. O_o
 That was basically everything in my bag. I left out obvious things like mobile phones/water/keys/tuner/purse/score because that's dull, but yeah. I did my eye makeup before I left the house and I generally expect eyeshadow to go the distance, so I didn't take any of that with me to touch up, and I don't wear foundation except on very special occasions so that too was left behind.

I think I have a problem. No one needs that many cosmetics for three/four hours a night...


  1. You don't need that many cosmetics for an evening. Unless you look like a downright troll. I'm guessing you don't. Glasses can be HOT. Do you not HAVE hot glasses?! I am surprised.

    How did I not know you played the fiddle? Should have guessed. Who's your favourite fiddler?

  2. It was spread over four evenings (and one morning, lol) but even then I think it was a little excessive :P

    I like my glasses, but I prefer my face without them! And I have an all consuming love for Alexander Rybak. He is amazing.....and hot.

  3. your nails look AWESOME. I am obsessed with nail polish and your plaidlike design rocks.

  4. i like that song too :) and thanks for the tipp, i didn't know Barry M!

    and wow, a lot of stuff in your bag!

  5. Thanks so much, Toesthattwinkle! Means a lot :)

    Thanks for your comment, m.!

  6. like the nails inc polish have never tried those :)

  7. They're really good, Crystaliciousss - if you click the nails inc tag on my blog, it'll show you some reviews I've done of that one specifically!

  8. I don't think that is excessive at all. I guess because I carry a lot, LOL.

  9. Haha! Fair enough, Barefoot Domestic Goddess! (loving the name, by the way!)


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