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Posted by on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did you think I'd forgotten about this series? I haven't, don't worry. I just needed time to create more school appropriate nail designs.

This style of school appropriate nail polish is heavily reliant on Konad/Fauxnad, whatever you choose to use. Stamping plates look clean and professional, aren't time consuming to do and crucially don't use a lot of nail polish. Creating a design with stripers or acrylic is far more obvious because the nature of the materials means that you have to use a lot more, thus your design/rule breaking is far more obvious. Having said that, nail decals or stickers work nicely as well, like so:

For an ultra subtle look, use a light coloured polish - pastels are even better. This is virtually undectectable, save for your own eyes, and any mistakes aren't obvious. I did a design using Nails Inc Brompton Place (a baby pink) but it was a pain to photograph because it was light.
Twisted my hand so you could see it a little better.
 If you wanted to go that way, you could easily stamp all five fingers and get away with it. When I use darker colours, I tend to only stamp one or two as if I decorate any more, I run the risk of being caught.

Darker colours work nicely, though, for a contrast and a bit of edginess.
These are all images from a Bundle Monster plate. I stamped two designs on my thumb, in different colours (a black by Miss Sporty and Nails Inc Queensgate Mews) and another two on the middle finger. Poor attempt at layering. I need to start working on that.
Whether you've gone dark, light, or used a nail decal, you can easily paint the undecorated nails with a sheer polish if you don't want to go completely naked.
There is a fourth way, which is to stamp french tips onto your tips. I did that in the main post (linked at the beginning of this post) and that also has a better picture of the light stamping polish in action.

Again, I'll keep adding nail designs to this post. The eventual idea is to have a little store of nail designs here which any visitor can quickly refer to. I'll update once this has happened (probably not for a long while yet!)

Is anyone else interested in the upcoming Bundle Monster plates? I like the fact that they've listened to feedback and added backing to the plates (anyone who's ever tried them could attest to their sharpness) and have also increased the size of their full nail designs. Finally. Even Konad's are a bit small for my thumb.

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