The Lazy Student - "Four Fingers with an Accent" + Hipster Posturing

Posted by on Thursday, March 03, 2011

Here's the first type of nail polish wearing (what? What am I trying to say? Lol) I'll be looking at in this series. I find this really easy to hide usually, especially if I only do it on one hand and leave the other with a clear or sheer polish. It's pretty versatile - the accent nail could be a subtle as a slightly more visible polish and a little bit of fauxnad on one nail, or an all out bright blue similar to what I've gone for here:


The recipe, if you will, for this design is pretty straight forward. You just need a coloured polish and a sheer or clear polish. You could even go without altogether if you feel like giving your nails a break.
After applying your base coat (base coats are love! Don't skip 'em) choose which nail you'd like to be the accent, paint that with the colour and then a sheer on the remaining four.
Most people seem to use their ring finger as the accent nail, but I'm quite a fan of using my middle. It's a bit of a symbolic "screw you and your rules". Alternatively, be crazy and do your thumb or your little finger or whatever. Go for it.

This is one I wore on Tuesday for school. I used ASOS Paints in "Megan" for the three (yes, three!) accent nails. It's a rather unconvential choice for accent nails...and it basically looked as if I'd forgotten to paint my entire hand. Still, whenever any of my peers asked, I was rather cool about it (read. making things up on the spot) and was like "Yeah yeah, this trend was all the rage on the models at London Fashion Week...haven't you been following it?"


That sentence was followed with a sharply accusing look, as if to say "You haven't been following London Fashion Week? Why are you here? Go give up your British passport right now. Go on. I don't care if you miss P.E to get down to the embassy, just do it."
The recipient of my famous glare would squirm and be like, "Sure! Yeah, of course I have. Really cool trend. Actually, I think I saw that on a couple of the models. Yeah."
Fingers crossed that I don't get found Bullsh*tting at it's best!

I actually left the ring and little fingers bare, because I wanted to continue to apply cuticle oil on those, and I was planning to change my design after a couple of days anyway. If I was planning to keep this for any amount of time, I would have applied sheer polish on all the nails that were not the accent and apply top coat every other day.

 Once I've collated a good number of photos featuring me wearing this nail polish style, I'm planning to post them and links to their retrospective posts in this post, and then create a seperate page for them so that they'll be easily accessible.


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  1. Thx u this really helps when u can't express in school


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