School Appropriate Radiation

Posted by on Monday, March 07, 2011

Back when I was a noob to blogging, life and everything, I did this manicure. 
Unfortunately, I had never heard of cleanup or like, shame.

I thought I'd recreate it somewhat, as it gave me an excuse to break out my acrylic paints, but in a school appropriate manner. So, by following the rules of this post, I did this.


I'm liking the paints, actually! I should do a full post on them at some point.

Posts may be a little erratic/downright scary during this time period, as the school production starts properly on Thursday (I think) so no one is going to get any sleep until Saturday. I apologise in advance for any cray cray.


  1. I love those silver tips! you have such pretty long nails

  2. How do you use those wilkies paints on ur nails? Do you have to top coat to seal it in or would that just be with watercolour type paints?

  3. Aww! Thank you so much, Toesthattwinkle! Means a lot to me :)

    Enigma: I'll probably do a full, in depth look/tutorial at some point, but yes these do require some form of top coat as they are water soluble. Plus they take a really long time to dry by themselves so a top coat would speed up the time that would take.


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