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Posted by on Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm sure most people in the UK that follow makeup probably own at least one of these ubiquitous palettes now. No7 hand them out with mascaras that they couldn't shift in time for the new stock during their £5 promotions.
And they don't even bother changing the colours :(
Still, I find this is a pretty solid palette. Nice neutrals and I regularly find myself reaching for all but the gold shade. The shadows have an interesting appearance in their pans. It's almost like they're flat, baked shadows, but very highly pigmented ones. At some point, I need to try these out wet.
Apologies for the state of the palette, I've been using it for two, three weeks now? I did try and clean it up but it was a slightly harder task than I'd anticipated...:/
So we have a glittery white gold, a light sort of olive green (with lots of gold in that, too) a nice brown and a sort of dark tea rose colour. The last three are shimmers, but the first is essentially a glitter shadow with all the fallout and patchyness that comes with it. Not a fan. I adore the other three shades, though.
Minor gripe about the brush supplied:
I lied. It's a pretty major grievance.
What the hell are you meant to use this sparsely bristled, floppy, short, badly shaped monstrosity for? It's a fricking insult. You can't even apply the shadow properly with this thing, let alone actually blend/apply eyeliner with it (that's what I'm assuming the slanted side is for). Yuck. At least you can use sponge tipped applicators for nail art.

Highly pigmented, smooth, etc. I find that because of these (positive) attributes, they can quickly become fallout city, so do remember to tap off the excess. Also, the pans do move slightly if you push them down too hard. But I do quite like this. A win for No7. Now if they only came out with a few more colours....


  1. They are good colours on you but the palette is rubbish-looking. Not that that matters really.

    I never could do a good 'eye' and I'm too hideously allergic to eye-makeup now to even bother.

    Any plans to show us an EOTD anytime?

  2. Lol thanks jaljen :P

    Bah, I bet you could -.- Shame you're allergic though :( Any specific ingredient that you could avoid or is it too commonplace?

    I've got a few lined up actually, "neutral" looks that won't get me told off, but I need to improve my technique first :P

  3. I have been a bit sceptical of No.7 for a while but i think im slowly coming round to it << check out my giveaway x

  4. @ForeverSweet89: If in doubt, it's /always/ about the vouchers. Every time. It makes the line that little bit more affordable.

  5. LOL, Finger will be passed on don't worry.

    Thanks for the love today! <3

  6. Good to know, loodie loodie loodie :P Seriously, what a jerk...

    No problem!

    They're quite nice, Cosmetics Aficionado!

  7. I like the look of the 3rd shade across, & the rose looks pretty unique for an eyeshadow. Have you tried using it as a blush? Could be either very nice or completely awful! :U

  8. That two shades on the right look fab in the pics. But fallout city? That's not quite my cup of tea, having fallout on my cheeks. I've never tried No.7 products before. I'm curious. Gotta check them out. We've got a Boots store here. :)

  9. The third shade across is my favourite, 25LONDON. I haven't tried using it as a blush yet, no! Sorry :)

    Witoxicity: Do give them a go, they're pretty cool. I think fallout could be minimised by tapping the brush well, but still...I didn't know that there were Boots stores in the Netherlands O_o That's pretty cool!


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