Nails Inc Crackle?

Posted by on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The picture quality from QVC was awful but I've linked regardless. It's a set of three polishes (a black, a white and a silver, so pretty safe colours) and it's probably far more expensive than the Barry M/Models Own alternatives. Did anyone pick these up? I guess Nails Inc are the latest company to jump on the crackle bandwagon.

Thanks to Ash-Lilly for the heads up!

Unfortunately, my giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone that entered! I'll try and get a winner picked during this week!


  1. Hm, £16.98 for the 3. That doesn't seem too bad. I'm getting the Barry M silver crackle and a couple from Models Own.

    Boots didn't have any Nail Effects today. Nor Superdrug. But I live in the backwoods so I shall be waiting until the Olympics after next at this rate....

  2. No probs lady, just sharing the bargains! I think I'm going to hold out for April and get Models Own - easy on the pocket and the formula is one I've always liked.

  3. I know the feeling, jaljen. No ORLY minis here for my Boots either :( Conversely, the Superdrug is so perpertually busy there are never any Crackles in stock...the logic? I don't get it.
    £17 + p&p for three non unique crackle colours? Pass, for me :P

    Thanks again Ash-Lilly. I'll be doing the same as you :P Not that I can comment on Models Own's formula, I'm a newbie to them.


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