Non-blogging Day? Er...what?

Posted by on Friday, March 18, 2011

I believe that this post from Lolaatittude (French and English) sums it up /perfectly/.

There's actually nothing else I have to add, really - she covers it all. Who is this blogging authority who decides when we can and cannot blog? Who criticises others for not following this bizarre imposed doctrine? Clearly, I've missed something. Japan doesn't care about a few less nail polish posts on the interwebs on one day. It does care about donations and prayers.


  1. I'm no more disrespecting the Japanese by blogging than I am disrespecting the pain of someone who lost a loved one in a fatal car accident today or someone who discovered they have terminal cancer. I fear there have been many tragedies this day as indeed on every other but there will also have been happy moments and good news and acts of love and kindness.

  2. I agree completely. I really didn't get it, so kept on blogging :D

  3. Yep.
    I didn't blog today, but that's just because I was doing homework and didn't have time to do swatches. About this event, I feel is Japan gonna benefit from a bunch of beauty bloggers not blogging for one day? o_O
    We aren't God or something, no one's gonna notice our silence.
    I feel like if you wanna help Japan, give a donation or volunteer for an event that will be giving them money.
    That's something that will be noticed and much more appreciated by the people of Japan.

  4. Lol, 25LONDON! :P Thanks for your comment.

    I feel the same way, ChaosButterfly. I don't get the link between beauty blogging and Japan myself. I know there is a whole subdivision of beauty bloggers dedicated to Asian cosmetics but I still don't think that their silence will change anything.

  5. Thank you for linking to my post, I'm glad some people understood it for what it was and not for some "I don't care about Japan" thing.
    I am always amazed by such things, as if non blogging on that day could have helped anyone.
    Moreover, the initiative was not official at all, and I feel always a little paranoid when it's the case, was that about creating a kind of buzz and attracting people to the initial blogs (concerning wedding, wtf?). Well it worked ^^


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