BeautyUK Metallic Eye Sparks Complete Range Amended Review

Posted by on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some of you guys might remember this post, in which I reviewed BeautyUK's Metallic Eye Sparks and claimed it was the full range. Well, the replacements for my broken sparks arrived not too long ago (kindly sent by the lovely people at BeautyUK, who were very VERY generous - you'll see in a little while!) and I realised that there was actually a sixth colour in the range, a bronze shade.
SAM_7849*sits with egg on face*
SAM_7848...yeah. Naturally, I had to reswatch all of them and add the bronze one into the collection! Otherwise, it'd feel lonely. Below I've got some words from my original review.
SAM_7852I really have to purchase some more BeautyUK products past the nail polishes and the eye pencils. I've got my eye on their bright eyeshadow palette.

I love this bronze shade, it's a great highlighter on black girls like myself and looks way less harsh than white near the eye. BeautyUK seem to think of everyone with their products, which is nice.

The colours are gorgeously unique. I rarely use these without an eyeshadow over the top anyway but the fact is that the pretty remains if you have drier eyelids than me. I like using the silver and the purple near the tear duct, as a quick highlight. All of the pencils fare well as lower lash line liners, as well – because the lower lash line is less mobile than the eyelid, these don’t crease as easily. It makes for a great pop of colour, especially as these shades are pretty special. I love the “lit from within” look that the purple/red and the blue have!

These are easy to sharpen with the correct sharpener. I’ve sharpened the silver since it’s last outing. It now works well but the formulation is a lot softer than the other four colours – it’s easy to apply too much. Shame, because it looks really good on the eyelid.

Where these excel, in my opinion, is as a base for matte eyeshadows. I have a TON of mattes that are basically pigmentless (which is why I need to get my ass down to Inglot, quick sharp) unless you layer them 2838319 times. This is hard to do over a conventional primer as you just end up wiping away the previous layers when you try to apply more. With this baby underneath, that doesn't happen. It grabs onto and intensifies the pigment of your eyeshadow. Love. Amor. Sarang. Adore <3 Us UK girls don't have as many options as the US girls when it comes to finding bases at drugstore prices, so this is really useful.
I find these easily last the school day with only minimal creasing on myself, sans primer underneath, and after that they fade rather than crease.

The price is great, the company is wonderful and they perform well. Ten out of ten points.


  1. I love these babies! I need to give them more love.

  2. Do, Robyn! I love these, especially considering the price.

    Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. These wouldn't be available in the States, would they?

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. I think BeautyUK ship internationally, VijiiS, but I doubt you'd be able to find these in a physical store.

    Nice blog! Now following. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Thanks for the idea of using them as a base for eyeshadow - I have some eyeshadows that look gorgeous on the pallette but rubbish on my eyelids and I use concealer as a base.

  6. Oh, no problem, meetjosmith! I find if you use a coloured base (depending on the colour of the base and the eyeshadow) it can really make the eyeshadow colours pop.


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