Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Eye Pencils, Complete Range Review

Posted by on Friday, March 25, 2011

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At least, it's the complete range according to the website, which is kinda sparse. There are a few more colours of the Metallic Eye Pencils instore (Khaki and Brown, anyone?) than are shown on the website. It might be the same for these, too.
Anyway, I picked these up with my £5 off voucher (the 3 for 2 on No7 Cosmetics is ending on Tuesday the 29th, by the way - just a heads up) and I really like them. Though the colour range is a little dull, they do go the distance and the smudger on the end is a quaint touch.
SAM_7816SAM_7819I like the fact that these are gold. It makes the packaging feel luxe, solid in your hand.
SAM_7820I'm not seeing a huge amount of difference between Blue-Grey and Brown, here. On my hand they look rather similar. Perhaps it would be different for someone with lighter skin?
SAM_7821The plastic surround is cute, though I do prefer the bog standard wooden pencil type eyeliners. Those seem to be getting rarer these days, no idea why. Consumer preference, I guess?
SAM_7822The black applied a little too softly for my tastes. In fact, as I was picking it up, I accidentally dropped it (from a very, very low height) onto the rug, and a smudge of black was left on the rug. Which is cream. Nice one, Lena! :P I think it was because it was slightly warm, though, as the next time I used it it was a lot harder. The other two pencils were on the harder side of soft, not creamy, but depositing good colour. The smudger on the end allows for an easy smoky eye, if you're that way inclined.
These held up really well to the water test, I was impressed!

All in all, I do quite like these. They're student friendly once you've got one of the No7 vouchers in your hand - at full price, they cost £7.75. I'm not sure if I would pay full price for these...the colour range is too limited, for me.

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