Boots No7 Speed Dry Nail Colour in "Berrylicious"

Posted by on Monday, December 06, 2010

It's actually a seriously hot pink, but whatever.

 In what alternate universe is this the colour of a berry? A berry on crack, maybe. Not your average berry, certainly.
 This colour is bizarre. For the Jigglypuff manicure, I wore two coats, no topcoat, and it went about four days before I even saw any tipwear. Understandably I was proclaiming it's awesome from rooftops, converting to Bootism et cetera. But I put it on for this swatch and no less than a morning afterwards, it's got tipwear like nobody's business. And I used a topcoat!
Berrylicious, why are you like this?

Have any of you guys run into this problem before?


  1. ooo beautiful colour!!!

  2. pretty color! I wish we can get this brand in the US.

  3. I like the colour too :P It's a pretty good brand, if expensive when they don't have their £5 vouchers! I'll keep it in mind for a giveaway at some point, rmcandlelight!


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