Christmas Manicure Part II

Posted by on Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets pretend it's still Christmas! Even though it's been three days since the actual event....*shifty eyes*
 Anyway, I wanted to do a slightly non traditional manicure so basically plastered a lot of currency symbols on my nails. *cough*

This year, one of my friends said, completely seriously, that it was "only Christmas when the Coca-Cola santa came on TV". I promptly slapped that idea out of his head. Still, I put it on my thumb anyway. Here's for you, Miguel.

Have an awfully corporate christmas!


  1. Ha ha, I love this! It's so appropriate!

  2. The true spirit of Christmas! ;o)

  3. My first money, mo money. Lol!! :) Cute mani.

  4. Lol! Thanks, Bad Luck Baby!

    I know right, jaljen. I shouldn't be saying that as I'm a Christian, but shush! :P

    Thanks, carissakuo!

    Money is the best. Thanks rmcandlelight(nailsbeautiqued)!


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