Cleaning out the Vault Part II

Posted by on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

 This is part two because linked to this is part one.
Anyway. This first picture is a load of belated birthday/christmas presents from my friends (I had my party two weeks after my actual birthday, lol...) and apparantly they ordered the rest off the interwebs so they'll be coming soon. O_o

 I just thought this was really cool! If any of you remember my blue/orange leopard print manicure, when I went to take it off this happened with the amused me enough to take a picture of it.
 This product is a nice little bunch of nasty.
 I accidentally left this out of the "Products I've Disliked Using" callout. It's a very oily lipbalm. Too much and it makes you look as if your lips have been lacquered...I put this on without a mirror in an orchestra rehearsal and my music teacher full on stared at my lips for like a minute. Most uncomfortable rehearsal ever. *shudders*
This dries my lips out more than it moisturises and took forever to finish. But I've finished it now, so yey!
 But the rollerball thing is all kinds of cool. Perhaps another brand can put this innovation to good use? This was from Blistex, by the way.
 So futuristic. Pity the product doesn't actually deliver.
 Finished. 'Twas satisfactory. I still prefer spray deodorants, though.
 They see me Fauxnadin', they hatin'.
 This design is from the Bundle Monster Plates. This is ASOS Megan as the base colour, with Boots "Berrylicious" as the design colour.
 Same design, different colours. Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in I don't know what, the silver one that I've reviewed here once before (Chrome? Liquid Metal? Plain old Silver? Did this even come with a name?) and the design is in ASOS Alexa.

And the rest was me pic whoring.

OK, vault cleared satisfactorily.


  1. Love the silver and blue fauxnad, the colours suit the pattern perfectly. And I totally agree, I used to own that Blistex gunk and binned it almost immediately. it's the bad kind of funky.

  2. Thank you very much CucumPear! Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one to have problems with that lipbalm.

    Thank you, Toesthattwinkle! :)

  3. Love the nail art. When it comes to lipbalm you can't go wrong with a lil' tin of Vaseline. Gets the job done and is as cheap as chips! x

  4. Thanks very much Viola! And I agree, Vaseline is so cheap and the tins are cute. I keep meaning to try out the Rosy Lips version...


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