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Posted by on Sunday, December 19, 2010

 This was the first of Nails Inc's Autumn/Winter collection that I got for my birthday!
 When I first saw this colour, I thought it would be too similar to Jermyn Street (a cool brown/taupe) but it's actually quite different. It's like a dusky lavender with some brown in it. Quite interesting, actually!
 Wear was very decent, but I'm wondering if that was more to do with me cutting my nails right down than the actual polish. Application was nice and smooth, but you had to let the first coat dry thoroughly before adding the second or some bubbles would form. Thankfully, drying time was good.
 Nails Inc were so nice as to write "flammable" and then add a little picture of a fire so that we all got the message, lol. I thought most people were aware that Nail Polish is:
-not particularly great for the environment
Or perhaps not, then.

 Rawr. My claw is out to...claw you! No, just kidding, I love my readers <3
All in all, I really like this polish. Nails Inc usually get it right and this colour is interesting enough to keep me guessing. It's like a mix of the brown/taupe/grey/purple colours that have been in vogue for some time and ambiguous enough for me not to be able to call it any one of the above. Also, it basically melts off the nail with a little bit of polish remover, which I approve of as I hate having to scrub at my nails to clear them of polish.


  1. Pretty and shiny. But why are you wearing subdued when there is no more school?

  2. Lol I'm wondering this myself, Jaljen! :P I need to go and buy more bright colours.

  3. this is gorgeous!
    (check out my giveaway)

  4. Will do, Toesthattwinkle! Thanks for the comment as well :P

  5. I've got this one on at the moment... I loved the shade when I saw the bottle, but it's either my skin tone or something else, but it looks so different from yours on me. I first tried two coats (as usual) but it looked so extreme, a bright lilac. Now I'm wearing one coat, which makes the colour look more pale (which is good) but it's kind of stripey... but it looks gorgeous on you! :)

  6. It's interesting how different polishes can look different on different people. A bright lilac sounds quite ocol though! Got any pictures?

    Thank you for your comment, Stella!


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