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Posted by on Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't know if I spelled that correctly :/ Or if it's even a word...

Anyway. It's weird to think that this has been an entire year of blogging...O_o I've met some awesome people and read some cool blogs along the way, it's been great. And to say thank you, I thought I'd offer you the opportunity to win $30 to spend at Bella Sugar Cosmetics!

Back when I first started bloggging, aaaages ago, I won a palette in a giveaway they hosted - my review is here if you're interested. Lord, how rubbish was (is) my photo taking? They're really nice pigmented colours in reality, don't worry.

Not convinced? Read these reviews from Aijuswhanakno, Phyrra and Confessions of an Aussie Shoeaholic!

Enter here?

Thank you :D If you're one of the 231 lovely people that were following me before I put this notice up, you are automatically given an extra entry!

I don't actually have to put a disclaimer here, as I'm not residing in the US (I think. I know they said something about American hosted servers but wtf? That's like saying if you're in say, Poland, and you do something that's illegal in Italy but not in Poland, but you do it while holding a pizza, you can be extradited and arrested by the Italian government?) but yeah, I did actually pay for this myself, though I got a discount for participating in the lovely Patricia's naming contest. The name is soon to change to Sugar Rush Cosmetics!

EDIT: I was classy and totally forgot to put an end date -.- Ends on the 15th of March? That's a good date right? I quite like that date.

Why am I like this? *confused shrug*


  1. Happy Bloggiversary!!
    I entered and stuff, but for the purposes of my giveaway sidebar, when will you stop accepting entries?

  2. cake and candles :) hurray for another year!!

  3. congrats on blogganiversary!!!
    keep up with a good job :-D

  4. I edited the post, ChaosButterfly. Lol I failed so hard :P

    Thanks guys! :)

  5. OMG, that's the Ides of March! Yeahhh!

  6. happy blogoversary!!!

  7. Lol, is it, ChaosButterfly? Cool!

    Thanks Karlene A.!

  8. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


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